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  • Merion Back 9, TaylorMade Lethal balls and more

    03 Apr 2013

    WGT players can now enjoy the Back 9 at Merion Golf Club, new all-around TaylorMade Lethal Balls, increased payouts on Hole-in-One Challenges, and much more!


    Merion Back 9 for Virtual U.S. Open

    Following last month's release of the Front 9 Challenge, we're excited to give you your first look at the Back 9 on Merion Golf Club in a fun, closest-to-the hole challenge.

    Play the new Merion Back 9 Challenge tournament for your chance at $500 USGAshop.com prizes.

    And in May, the full 18 holes will be available for stroke play games as part of the 2013 Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier, hosted exclusively on World Golf Tour.


    Bigger Hole-In-One Payouts

    Hole-in-One Challenges just got bigger payouts and are also now available on all par-3 holes on World Golf Tour.

    Based on WGT player feedback, the payouts have been increased for hole-in-ones, as well as landing the ball within 1 or 5 feet of the hole. Look for Hole-In-One Challenges on all ranked stroke play and closest-to-the-hole courses.


    Improve Your Power Control with Shot Pal

    Get the new WGT Shot Pal to help you improve the power control of your shots. The Shot Pal overlays on the swing meter when you're taking a shot, helping you select the precise power on every shot, similar to the popular WGT Putter Pal.

    Shot Pal is available with 20 to 2,000 shots, starting at only 10 Credits, and makes a great gift for your WGT friends.


    Make Your Game LETHAL

    Get the new all-around top-performance ball from TaylorMade.

    The TaylorMade Lethal virtual golf balls feature a unique balance of extra distance, spin, control and durability -- plus a slower WGT swing meter -- and unlock early at Level 7 for top players new to WGT.


    New "Ballz-ier" Drivers

    Join the pros and get the "ballz-ier" driver upgrades from TaylorMade with the RocketBallz Stage 2 clubs, featuring better performance and longer-ier distance, including...

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