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  • First Hole-In-One Challenge Winners

    08 Feb 2013

    We've just added hole-in-one challenges that let you try your luck to earn bonus WGT Credits by making a hole-in-one, or landing the ball within 1 or 5 feet of the hole. This is a new feature in closest-to-the-hole games, and excitingly we already have a few winners!

    The first hole-in-one winner was RampagingRodent, a Level 96 Legend player, on Pinehurst.

    And we've had three more WGT players score a hole-in-one: WillieG34, stuckat23 and MannyHazard, who all saved their replays to share with the world.

    You can try your luck too in closest-to-the-hole games on par-3 hole shots from the tee. Keep an eye out for the "Hole-In-One Challenge" option to pop up on the right side of your game screen...you could be next!

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