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WGT Golf News

  • WGT Nation Appreciation Tournament

    22 Jan 2013

    To thank our NATION members this month, we're hosting the WGT NATION Appreciation Tournament and giving a free Speed-Up Boost to every member that enters.

    Use Speed-Up Boosts to play WGT faster, so you can play twice as much, especially in multi-player games. The boosts don't affect your game performance in any way, they just make your shots display twice as fast. You can turn Speed-Up Boosts on/off in the Game Menu whenever you'd like.

    This special online golf tournament is tiered, so the top 70 players in each tier will also split a double WGT Credit purse prize. It's free to enter and runs now thru 1/31/13, so don't miss out on the unlimited stroke play action.

    Play NATION Only Tournament

    WGT NATION is a free program for top WGT players. Learn more and see if you're eligible at

    *Special offer available to WGT NATION members who enter the tournament, get 1 free Speed-Up Boost (2x). Tournament runs now thru 1/31/13, see tournament page for details and eligibility.

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