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  • New WGT Virtual Golf Bag

    12 Dec 2012

    Don't hit the course without your virtual golf bag by your side.

    Get the new WGT Stand Bag and complete your look on the tee. The new golf bag features a WGT logo and comes in your choice of black, white or pink. Makes a great holiday gift!

    See New Golf Bag

    You can equip or un-equip your golf bag, and it's only visible on tee shots, but in all game types. Bags don't impact your game performance, but they look great on the tee!

    Equipping your Golf Bag

    1. After purchasing your Golf Bag in the Pro Shop, open your Edit Equipment screen from Game or My Profile
    2. Click on the "Bags" tab on the bottom left
    3. Drag your Golf Bag to the space on the left (below your image)
    4. Click “Save Changes” and you’re all set
    5. To un-equip, simply drag your Golf Bag back to the middle Inventory and save changes

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