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  • Bags, Bubbly and Bladez

    05 Dec 2012

    Lots of fun new stuff on World Golf Tour for the holidays. Enjoy!


    New WGT Virtual Golf Bags

    Get the new WGT Stand Bag and complete your virtual look. The new golf bag features a WGT logo and comes in your choice of black, white or pink. Makes a great holiday gift.

    Bags are visible in all game types, but only on your tee shots, and while bags don't impact your game performance, they look great on the tee to you and other players.

    (Note, there's a bug with not being able to un-equip bags, which we'll fix ASAP)


    New Korbel Champagne Ball

    WGT welcomes new sponsor Korbel Champagne, who has launched a free WGT tournament, the Korbel Holiday Classic.

    Thanks to Korbel, everyone who enters gets a free Korbel Champagne virtual golf ball, which features the first-ever "bubbly" champagne vapor trail. 

    The free Korbel tournament is limited by law to WGT players over 21 years old from the USA, but the new ball is also available in the Pro Shop and makes a great virtual gift to celebrate any occasion.


    New TaylorMade RocketBladez Virtual Irons


    The latest distance technology from TaylorMade, featuring the new Speed Pocket and upgraded with a slower WGT swing meter, for more dinged long iron shots.

    The new RocketBladez irons unlock at Level 15 and Level 79, and are upgrades to the Burner 2.0 irons.


    New MAX Control Putter for Top Players

    Based on comments from top WGT players, we've added a third MAX Control Putter, unlocking at Level 80, and with swing meter increments that tend to be preferred by top players: 10, 15,30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 200 and 300 feet.


    Game Improvements

    These changes are based on all the great player feedback and requests on our Forums, Facebook and community chats. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

    • Improvements to the Completion Percentage display for multi-player games
    • Improvements to Tier Scoring calculations to help prevent sandbagging
    • Country Clubs can now run multi-round closest-to-the-hole tournaments

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