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  • WGT High-Stakes Online Tournament

    10 Oct 2012

    WGT player, stevenharkin, recently approached us with an idea for a player-hosted "high stakes" tournament on WGT. We get some of our best ideas from our players, so we thought if he could round up enough players who were interested that we'd give it a try...

    The result was the "Stevenharkin Private High Stakes Tourney!" – a single-play, 3-round stroke play tournament with a 10,000 credit entry fee, with WGT credit prizes for the top three leaderboard finishers. 

    The tournament lasted 15 days and ended last week, with the following players at the top of the 16-player leaderboard:

    • 1st Place: Kriztjan (L99 Tour Legend) - 82,500 credits
    • 2nd Place: mrenn29 (L98 Tour Legend) - 37,500 credits

    See final leaderboard

    For players who are interested in more high-stakes games, we've just doubled the maximum bet for Match Play Challenge Games from 2,000 to 4,000 WGT credits. Challenge other WGT players to Match Play games for credits...recommended for top WGT players only!

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