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  • Kiawah Pins, Speed-Up Boosts, Slow Meter Balls and more

    01 Aug 2012

    We've added lots of recent improvements to World Golf Tour for players to check out, including new Kiawah pins, a new Putting Course, and CTTH games available in Ready-Go tournaments, as well as new Speed-Up boosts, Slow Meter balls and a new Tour Legend tier for our very top players.


    New Hole Locations on Kiawah

    Experience all new pin locations on Kiawah, one of the most popular strokeplay courses on WGT. Try all the new approach shots and putts!


    New "Best Of" Putting Challenge

    Take 9 putts on different WGT golf courses in this all new closest-to-the-hole "Best Of" course. Play the new August Putting Sweeps free tournament.


    New Closest-to-the-Hole Ready-Go Tournaments

    Play in faster Ready-Go tournaments with the new 9-shot closest-to-the-hole format. Like other Ready-Go's, the top 30 of 50 players win WGT credits. See the new CLOSEST-TO-THE-HOLE tab on the Ready-Go Tournaments page.


    New Speed-Up Boosts

    New option to make the ball display faster in the game, enabling you to play more games in less time. Especially helpful in multi-player games. See the new Speed-Up Boosts in the Pro Shop.

    New Slow Meter Balls

    Slow down the WGT Swing Meter on all your shots with the new Callaway Tour i(z) virtual golf balls. They make WGT easier to play for players at all skill levels. These new Callaway balls unlock at Level 1 and Level 34.

    New Fan-Choice Avatars

    As voted for by WGT fans on Facebook, our new "funky" pink male and female avatars are a bold choice as your golfer in the game. See all avatars.

    New Tour Legend Tier

    There's a new tier on WGT beyond Legend. The very best WGT players will start to qualify for the new Tour Legend tier. As that group grows, there will be new tournaments, Ready-Go's, prizes, challenges, and recognition for our most skilled players.


    TaylorMade R11S 3 Wood

    For top WGT players, the new R11S 3 Wood is now available at Level 95, providing more forgiveness and distance, and pairs perfectly with the R11S Driver that now unlocks at Level 94.


    Practice Putting at Tournament Speed

    Top players will also be interested in the new option to select Tournament green speed in practice rounds, so you can practice putting on fast greens used in WGT tournaments. 


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