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    28 Jun 2012

    World Golf Tour has just launched a number of new features and improvements to our golf game based on the continued feedback from all our great players!

    New - Country Club Improvements

    WGT Country Clubs can now set-up Multi-Round Tournaments and use Cut Lines in their private Country Club tournaments. There's also a new option for owners to email their club members...and, of course, an option for members to unsubscribe from those new Country Club emails if they want. Plus, Country Clubs can now set-up tournaments on The Olympic Club, site of the 2012 U.S. Open.

    If you're not in a Country Club, you're missing out on a popular way to always have online friends to play a game with, or to compete in private tournaments with just club members sharing the credit prizes. Create or join a Country Club today!

    New - Match Play Records

    Multi-player Match Play Games are very popular on WGT. When you're joining a game, you have been able to see the Level, Tier and Average Score of the other player. However, we've also added their Match Play record statistics against players at every tier, to help you decide if it's going to be a fair match.


    New - Free WGT Credits for International Players

    We've added even more ways to earn free WGT Credits, especially for players outside the United States. Check-out the new More Offers tab to see the new offers available in your country, including watching videos, online signups and shopping discounts. There are currently lots of new offers for players in Europe and other countries.


    New - Country Flag Avatars


    New Australian and Italian flag avatars join the existing American, Canadian and United Kingdom flag avatars. Show off your national pride with the new Oz and Italia male and female golfers in the Pro Shop.

    ...and stay tuned for a Facebook Poll to help WGT pick the next country avatars...France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa...which country will be next?


    New - TaylorMade R11S Driver and 3 Wood at Level 40-41

    The latest R11S technology from TaylorMade hits longer than the original R11, and is now available to more WGT players, with the R11S Driver unlocking at Level 40, and the R11S 3 Wood unlocking at Level 41.


    New - TaylorMade Ghost Manta Putter at Level 30

    This beautiful new TaylorMade Ghost Manta Putter unlocks at Level 35 and offers more precision at a lower level, plus new Swing Meter increments (20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 300 feet) to help you select the right power to drain more putts.


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