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  • 2012 Virtual U.S. Open Championship Update: Round 1

    19 Jun 2012

    The 2012 Virtual U.S. Open Championship Round is now being played on World Golf Tour. Round 1 is underway and qualified players can play and post their final score through Wednesday 6/20.

    With the Qualifier Round Cut Line at 57 there were 199 players who made the cut as of Sunday night, meaning they posted a score of 57 or better (including ties) in the qualifying round.

    But while 57 was the qualifying score, only two scores currently posted in the Championship Round are better than that. Unlike the Qualifier Round, this Championship round is single-play as opposed to unlimited play, adding more pressure to each shot and making it significantly harder to score well.

    Only 123 of the eligible 199 players have posted scores so far, so it's still too early to tell how everything will end up, but here's a look at how the leaderboard looks today:

    •  tinybo – current solo leader with a score of 56
    • TheLighterDark – sits in second place, matching the Cut Line score of 57
    • JayJensen – the top qualifier, tied for third place with Aahna with scores of 58
    • mrenn29 – the 2011 Virtual U.S. Open champ is currently in 11th place posting a 60 and within striking distance

    Two Grand Prize trips to next year's U.S. Open at Merion will be awarded, one to a sweepstakes winner from the Qualifier and one to the final Champion. In addition, all 199 of the players who qualified for this Championship round will receive a USGA 1-year membership and U.S. Open hat. See prize details and country eligibility.

    The Championship Round 1 ends Wednesday 6/20, and then our champions put everything on the line in Round 2 which ends Sunday 6/24 as the final test of their skills.

    Good luck to all of the players! 

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