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  • New NIKE Vapor Balls

    29 May 2012

    The top-performing virtual NIKE golf balls on World Golf Tour have been upgraded.

    Now with added vapor trails, trace your shots more easily through the air with these new NIKE Vapor Balls, just added to the WGT Pro Shop. These upgraded virtual golf balls offer more distance, spin and control, as well as a slower swing meter, to help improve your shots.

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    NIKE Balls on WGT:

    • NIKE 20XI-S: Provides more spin and control, good for approach shots and Closest-To-The Hole tournaments. Standard Balls unlock at L47 and L70. New Vapor Balls unlock at L56 and L74.
    • NIKE 20XI-X: Provides more distance and control, good for longer shots from the back tees. Standard Balls unlock at L48 and L71. New Vapor Balls unlock at L57 and L75.

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