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  • Celebrate National Golf Day with a Free WGT Putter Pal -- Today Only!

    18 Apr 2012

    In honor of National Golf Day, we’re giving away a free WGT Putter Pal to every player who logs in and plays WGT on Wednesday, April 18. 

    You can always improve your putting skills, and the Putter Pal can help you do that with an on-screen ruler in the swing meter to help you putt more accurately. With this WGT gift, try it FREE for your next 100 putts, and you always have the option to turn it off in the Options Menu**. Happy putting!

    Check out the WGT Putter Pal

    National Golf Day 2012 will mark the fifth annual celebration of the message that golf is more than a game -- providing jobs and being a significant contributor to the U.S. economy. 

    *Offer available only to WGT players who log in to on April 18, 2012, receive 1 WGT Putter Pal (100 hits) 


    **It’s easy to turn off Putter Pal in the Game Menu, under Options, just scroll down to Putter Pal Display.

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