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  • New WGT PING G20 golf clubs, golf tournaments and Valentine's Day special offers

    02 Feb 2012

    World Golf Tour has added more new features, including the new PING G20 virtual golf clubs, new virtual golf tournaments, and Valentine's Day special offers for free WGT credits.

    New PING G20 Clubs

    The latest from PING and WGT, the new PING G20 golf clubs are a major upgrade to the popular G10s, featuring a new driver, woods, irons and discounted full set. These clubs are top perfomers with a slower WGT swing meter, and start unlocking at Level 58. Note, higher level clubs unlocking at Level 81 will be available later in February.

    The G20 Driver just made the Golf Digest 2012 Hot List, and golf professionals playing the G20s include Bubba Watson (read about Bubba's custom pink shaft), Angel Cabrera, Miguel Angel Jimenez and Tom Lewis.


    New Tournaments

    WGT recently launched the fourth new "Best Of" course as voted on my WGT players, the Best Of Hardest Holes. It features 18 of the hardest strokeplay holes from other WGT courses, based on average scores to par. This extra challenge deserves an extra reward, so we've doubled the WGT Credit prizes for players of all Tiers in the free Best of Hardest Holes tournament played on this new course in February. Note, tournament will be available by end of day on 2/2/12.

    For Legend players only, we're hosting a free 1-day Legends-Only Leap-Day Tournament on 2/29/12, with special virtual equipment prizes. Legend players should wait until February 29th to enter and play!

    And be sure to check-out the expanded Ready-Go golf tournaments, with $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20 entry fees. Ready-Go's are quick paid tournaments for 50 players that typically close in just 24-48 hours. The top 30 of 50 players all win credits and the winner gets 6X credits. You'll find Ready-Go's available on different courses and for players at different skill levels, for Pro, Tour Pro, Master, Tour Master and Legend players.


    Valentine's Day Offers

    Back by popular demand from last year, WGT has expanded the number of Valentine's Day special offers

    Just click from WGT to buy your Valentine's flowers, treats and gifts online AND you automatically get free WGT credits for yourself. See great offers from ProFlowers, FTD, Sharri's Berries, M&M's and other top retailers.

    Love and Golf...a beautiful thing!


    Country Clubs

    We fixed an issue with Country Club tournaments where players weren't playing on the correct tee based on their Tier. Our apologies for that.

    There are hundreds of thousands of WGT players who have joined WGT Country Clubs, playing in thousands of private tournaments every day where credit prizes are limited to just those Country Club members. Get in on the fun by joining or starting your own WGT Country Club!


    Golf Course Pages and Golf Replay Highlights

    In case you've missed it recently, be sure to check-out the new WGT Course pages where anyone can play any hole on our strokeplay courses without joining WGT, or the new WGT Replay pages where top golf shots are automatically updated every day from saved WGT player replays.


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