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  • New NIKE Method Putter and “Best Of” Hardest Holes Course

    11 Jan 2012

    New features released on World Golf Tour, including a new NIKE Method 001 Putter and a new "Best Of" Hardest Holes golf course. Also, don’t miss the special offer this weekend on free virtual golf club rentals during the PGA Sony Open.


    New NIKE Method 001 Putter

    Check-out the new NIKE Method 001 Putter, an excellent putter with the slowest swing meter on WGT, helping you sink more putts!

    The new NIKE Method 001 Putter unlocks for top WGT golf players at Levels 51 and 77


    New "Best Of" Hardest Holes Course

    Introducing the fourth new "Best Of" course as voted on by WGT players.

    Best Of Hardest Holes is a free strokeplay course featuring 18 of the hardest holes from different WGT courses, including the hardest holes from the US and British Open courses, a real challenge!

    Other WGT Best Of courses include the Best Of Challenge (9 famous shots), Best Of Strokeplay (18 famous strokeplay holes) and the Best Of Water Challenge (9 best water shots).


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