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  • New Skins Golf Game

    30 Nov 2011

    There's a new online golf game on World Golf Tour called Skins that you have to try!

    Skins is a new multiplayer golf game format. Each hole is worth a Skin and tied Skins carry-over to the next hole, adding to the suspense! You can play Skins on any WGT strokeplay golf course with 2-4 players, and either for fun or for WGT credits in Skins Challenge games.

    Fun Facts About Skins

    • Carry-Overs – Skins carry-over to the next hole when there’s a tie, so some holes are frequently worth several Skins
    • Two-Tie-All-Tie – Skins can be played with 2-4 players, and if 2 players tie then the Skins carry-over to the next hole for all players
    • Challenges – Skins can be played for WGT Credits, so 100 credits ($1) per Skin for 4 players would be a total pot of 7,200 credits ($72) contested over 18 holes

    To join a Skins game on wGT, just choose “Skins Game” in the main menu, and either “Practice” for fun or “Challenge” for credits, then either “Invite Players” you know, or “Join A Game” with other players. For Skins Challenges, you’ll be able to agree to the amount of credits per Skin.

    Play the new Skins golf game with friends on WGT today!


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