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    27 Jun 2011

    WGT took a look at what virtual equipment was used by the top players in the 2011 Virtual U.S. Open Championship.

    Here's what's in the bag for mrenn29, the Virtual U.S. Open Champion:



    TaylorMade R11 9.0 Driver (L88+)

    TaylorMade R11 3 Wood (L85+)

    TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Iron Set (Steel) (L79+)

    Wedges (note, playing 3 wedges and no hybrid)
    Cleveland CG16 52 degree Wedge (L74+)
    PING Tour W 60 degree Wedge (L42+)
    PING Tour W 64 degree Wedge (L42+)

    TaylorMade Daytona Putter (L55+)

    Callaway Tour i(z) Balls (L35+)

    If you look at the equipment used by ALL 210 qualifiers in the Virtual U.S. Open, most is similar to mrenn29, but with some interesting exceptions, especially with the short game equipment including the wedges, putters and balls, as well as the practice of carrying an extra wedge instead of a hybrid.

    66% TaylorMade R11 9.0 Driver (L88+)
    21% TaylorMade R9 TP 8.5 Driver (L80+)
    7% TaylorMade F9 SuperTri 8.5 Driver (L73+)
    3% TaylorMade R9 TP 8.5 Driver (L62+)

    78% TaylorMade R11 3 Wood (L85+)
    7% PING i15 3 Wood (L68+)
    7% PING G10 3 Wood (L58+)
    3% PING Rapture V2 3 Wood (L47+)

    38% TaylorMade R11 3 Hybrid (L82+)
    19% PING Rapture V2 2 Hybrid (L47+)
    13% TaylorMade R11 3 Hybrid (L31+)
    13% PING G10 3 Hybrid (L58+)

    77% TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Iron Set (L79+)
    11% PING G10 Iron Set (L59+)
    3% PING i15 Iron Set (L69+)

    Wedges (combined for SW and LW)
    48% Cleveland CG16 56 degree Wedge (L76+)
    45% Cleveland CG16 60 degree Wedge (L78+)
    38% Cleveland CG16 64 degree Wedge (L80+)
    35% TaylorMade Z Satin TP 64 degree Wedge (L39+)
    22% PING Tour W 60 Wedge (L60+)
    16% Cleveland CG16 52 degree Wedge (L74+)

    63% TaylorMade Daytona Putter (L55+)
    13% TaylorMade Ghost Putter (L84+)
    9% TaylorMade Redwood ZB Putter (L44+)

    41% Callaway Tour i(z) Legend Balls (L45+/Legend+)
    20% Callaway Tour i(z) Balls (L35+)
    11% Callaway Tour i(s) Balls (L33+)
    8% Callaway Tour i(s) Legend Balls (L43+/Legend+)
    7% Callaway Tour i(z) Vapor Balls (L55+/Legend+)
    3% Callaway Tour i(s) Vapor Balls (L37+)
    3% Dove Official GI-SD Vapor Ball

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