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  • Foursome Plays in 100 Millionth Round

    25 Jan 2011

    The 100 millionth round of virtual golf on WGT.com was played on 1/22/11 by a player in a foursome on Kiawah Island Ocean Course.

    Since all four players were part of this historic round, we’ve awarded each of them the 10,000 WGT credit prize. Congratulations to bluestarsman, RasPINN, Marscha and foxnet, who are all experienced WGT players.

    More and more WGT players are participating in Multiplayer rounds, from Foursomes like this one, to one-on-one Matchplay, to the new Alternate Shot game in which two teams of two players take turns hitting each shot.

    Thanks to everyone for playing over the weekend. We’ve got a release coming this week with some nice surprises for you all.


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