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  • New Features - From Blitz to Kilts

    29 Sep 2010

    We released many new features today, including a new fast game format called Blitz, an overhaul to our Pro Shop, improved Country Club invitations, a new Legend Golf Ball, and Kilts (yes, avatars with kilts, our guilty pleasure).


    Ever feel like playing against some friends but don't have the time to play a full 9 or 18 holes? If so, then Blitz is for you. Blitz is a new multi-player game played on any of our Closest-to-the-Hole courses. You can select any CTTH course, create a group of 2-4 players and play a fast, action-packed game against your friends. There are a variety of new scoring options in addition to distance from the hole, like multipliers and streaks, so anybody can win, even down to the final hole with a great shot. Find Blitz on the main menu of WGT. Learn more about Blitz




    If you've played WGT recently, you've seen that as you reach a new Level we unlock more virtual equipment in the Pro Shop . To make that easier for you, we've just improved our Pro Shop with filtering, sorting, comparisons and reviews. Visit the Pro Shop

    First, you can now choose to display only Pro Shop items that are available to you or just items that you don't own, as well as sorting by a variety of options.

    You now have the ability to compare up to 3 items see the attributes for each side-by-side, to help you choose the best one for you.

    And our new player reviews make it easy to hear what other people think about any item in the Pro Shop, or enter your own review.


    All Country Club invitations and requests for membership are now delivered via the Invitation tab on your Friends List. This should make it much easier to invite your friends to your Country Club and run your own tournaments. 



    NEW AVATAR KILT - You can now dress your avatar in a classic kilt and look the part as you play historic St Andrews or Celtic Manor. We had fun with this one. Enjoy!

    NEW LEGEND BALL - There is a new ball available only to our top players in the Legend Tier, regardless of their Level. Its the longest ball available in the game today with extra carry and distance to help Legends compete more fairly from the Championship tees.

    NEW WGT PRO CLUB SET - This new set of clubs is available to players in the Pro and higher Tiers regardless of their Level, to help them compete against others with upgraded equipment.


    • Added Blitz King award for the top Blitz score
    • Lowered the Level requirement for many clubs in the Pro Shop so they unlock earlier
    • Added end-of-game summary of Experience Points (XP) that helps you reach the next Level
    • Added Standard green speed for practice rounds on all stroke play courses
    • Added Champion tees to practice rounds for all stroke play courses


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