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  • New Game Menu, Clubs and Shot Clock Timer

    27 Jul 2010

    We’ve improved World Golf Tour based on all the great feedback from our players. Here is what’s new in today’s release, and please keep your suggestions coming to members@worldgolftour.com

    New Game Main Menu

    Our new Game Menu now makes it easier to choose a game, shows you what’s in your bag and recommends different courses and tournaments to play.

    Multi Player Shot Clock Settings

    You can now speed-up Multi Player rounds with a new 30-second shot clock, instead of the standard 90-second shot clock, making Multi Player rounds faster and even more fun.

    New in the Pro Shop

    It’s easier to find clubs, balls and other merchandise in our Pro Shop to help improve your game, including these new additions…

    • TaylorMade SuperFast Pro Driver - This is the longest Pro driver in the game. If you want distance this is your club!
    • Ping Master Redwood Putter - The first putter designed specifically for Master players. The most precise putter available!

    Other Improvements

    • Country Club tournament winnings will now be included in Career Earnings
    • Can now access SkyCaddie aerial and reverse cameras in multi-player games when it is not your turn to hit
    • Ready-Go tournament leaderboards now display the actual number of scores posted rather than the number of players entered
    • List of country flags is no longer repeating indefinitely on country club homepages

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