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  • Experience Pebble Beach, New Equipment, and more

    26 May 2010

    Here are the highlights from today's product release. While we make an effort to include all updates made to the product, please note that occasionally some changes are unintentionally omitted.

    Experience Pebble Beach Like Never Before, in Stunning HD!

    Have you ever wondered if you can beat a pro on Pebble Beach? Watch videos of historical shots from previous U.S. Open’s at Pebble Beach, then try to hit that very same shot, and see if you can beat the Pros! Test your skill against Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Ernie Els, and more!

    Just go to to USOpen.com and click on the button below to experience US Open History.

    Experience History - Play this Hole

    Gear up for the Virtual Major with New Clubs and Balls

    Now in the Pro Shop, the perfect balls to complement any club in your bag, the GI3-S and GI3-D balls, which offer an even slower swing meter than the GI-2 balls. These balls come in two varieties: GI3-S which offers extra spin and the GI3-D which offers extra distance.

    Earn Credits without Depositing through TrialPay

    Earn WGT credits by completing a variety of offers through TrialPay from top-end brands such as Golf Digest, Sports Illustrated, Mens Health, Golfsmith, and Nordstrom’s. You can find all these, and more, here.

    Bug Fixes and Other Changes

    • The St Andrews Triumph award for the best 18 hole score on St Andrews stroke play is now being awarded correctly.
    • There is now a preference to turn the WGT Lessons tab on and off.
    • New Club Tips and Swing Tips appear in the club and swing popup.
    • In the club selection pop-up, the header “club selection” is now a button that opens the in-game equip interface. Remember that equipment changes cannot be saved while a game is in progress.
    • There is a new credits display in the upper left hand corner near your username.
    • All saved replays on Hole 17 at St Andrews have been erased to accommodate the new tee boxes for the Virtual Open Championship.  Our apologies.

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