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  • Country Clubs Feature: Introduction and Tutorial

    05 May 2010

    Joining a club is fun and easy. All you need to do to get started is to navigate to the Country Club page via the link located at the top bar of your browser window.

    Now, browse through the list of Country Clubs listed in the Country Club Search area, or type in the name of the Country Club you wish to join and press the Search button.

    Once you've found the club you'd like to join, click on the Country Club name and you'll be taken to that Country Club's home page. To request membership in this club, you'll beed to click on the REQUEST MEMBERSHIP button. A request email will be sent to the owner of the club, and if they approve your request, you'll be given notification of your entry into their Country Club. It's that easy!

    If you ever decide to leave the club you've joined, simply navigate to the Country Club home page and press the QUIT COUNTRY CLUB button. .



    If you'd like to create your own Country Club, navigate to the Country Club page via the link located at the top bar of your browser window.

    Press the CREATE A COUNTRY CLUB button to start the Country Club creation process.

    Next, choose a name for your new country club.

    The minimum charge for creating a Country Club is 50 credits, which will provide you with a 15 member club with its own private Club Forum. If you have enough credits and are satisfied with the name you've chosen, press the PURCHASE CLUB button. You can also go back if you want to choose another name. Last chance, though, so pick a name you really like!

    You can select the BOOKMARK THIS button to bookmark the URL of your Country Club in your browser for easy access.

    Congratulations! You've just made your own Country Club!



    Now, let's fill in some of the extras. First, start by customizing the appearance of your Country Club page. Choose a banner for your Country Club, and then select a logo for your club. You can choose to upload your own logo if you wish. Once you've made your choices, press CONTINUE.

    It's no fun to be in a club by yourself! Let's invite some friends next. Choose from a list of your existing friends, or invite some people that haven't joined WGT yet to your club by typing in their email addresses. You can also enter a customized message to the people you invite. Once you're ready, press the SEND INVITATIONS button. The people you invite will receive a notification of your invitation, and once they accept, they'll be in your club!

    You can also invite people to join your club by visiting their profile and clicking the INVITE TO COUNTRY CLUB button. They'll receive notification of your wish for them to join your club, and once they accept, you'll have a new member!

    As an owner of a Country Club, you'll be given some tools to manage your club. You can find these Owner Tools on your Country Club home page. You can also choose to invite more people to your club from here, or access the club forum (we'll get to that in a bit).

    You can update your club's appearance if you'd like to change the banner or logo.

    You can transfer ownership of your club to another member if you decide that you don't want to manage the club any longer. Choose a person on the list to transfer the club to, and they'll be given notification of your desire to hand things over to them.

    If you're looking to recruit new members into your club, you can choose to have your club show up in a search for clubs looking to recruit members. If you've decided you have enough people in your club and don't want your club to be found in a search for clubs looking for new members, you can select that option instead.

    Should you ever wish to close your Country Club for any reason, you can do that here. A confirmation popup will appear, just to make sure you really want to close your club.

    Your Country Club comes with its own private Club Forum. You and the members of your club can locate the CLUB FORUM button on the home page of your Country Club.

    Your Club Forum page operates much like our main forum page. You can create topics for discussion by selecting the WRITE A NEW POST button, or you can read and comment on topics already created.


    There are only a few basic rules for Country Clubs.

    • You must be of Amateur rank or higher to create a Country Club. There are no restrictions on tier level if you just want to join someone else's club.
    • You can only belong to one Country Club at a time. If you are the owner of a Country Club and you wish to join someone else's club, you'll first have to either transfer ownership of your existing club to another qualifying members, or close your club entirely before you are eligible to join another club
    • The current limit on enrollment in any Country Club is 250 members.

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