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  • Random Hole Groups on Bethpage Black - Tame the New Monster

    03 Feb 2010

    Here are the notes from today's product patch:

    Thought You Tamed the Monster? Bethpage Black, Now with Randomly Selected Hole Groups

    In December, we gave you six sets of new hole groups—two "easy", two "medium", and two "hard". In today's update, we've randomized the hole groups for each difficulty level to give you infinitely more variety. There are still three categories (easy, medium, and hard), but instead of limiting you to one of two sets of hole groups in each level, you will now get a set that is randomly selected from all the possible hole locations in that level.

    In addition to being available in practice and ranked rounds, these hole locations are now also available in multiplayer games and stroke play tournaments. The category of holes you get for ranked games will be based on your tier, and for multiplayer games it will be based on the tier of the highest ranking player. Your hole category in stroke play tournaments will be determined by criteria we set up for the tournament, but will most often be based on your tier. In practice games, you will be able to specify the category you prefer, and the game will select a random group of holes for the course based on that category.

    Forum Moderation

    The first few posts to the forums by a new player will now be moderated. We will review the posts and approve or reject them, and then decide whether to un-moderate the player. Please note that it may take up to 72 hours after the first post for a new user to be unmoderated.

    Bug Fixes

    • Your friend activity stream should go beyond one page now.
    • The accuracy gauge on the swing meter once again reduces in size while the swing meter is held back.
    • You should now be able to change your putter distance after taking a practice shot.
    • When viewing a ready-go tournament in the game window, it now correctly displays the number of people who have posted a score. Previously, it always displayed 0.
    • You should no longer be able to swing while in reverse camera views by clicking on your avatar when the swing meter is not present.
    • Improved the error message you get when trying to purchase an avatar you already own.

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