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  • New Experience on Bethpage, Free Avatar for a Limited Time, and Gifting

    17 Dec 2009

    Here are the highlights from today's product release. While we make an effort to include all updates made to the product, please note that occasionally some changes are unintentionally omitted.

    New Hole Locations on Bethpage Black – Tame the New Monster

    As our early holiday gift to you, new hole locations on Bethpage Black are now available! This feature is still in the early stages, so in this release we've made it available in practice and ranked rounds only. There are six sets of hole groups—two "easy", two "medium", and two "hard". In practice mode, you can choose any of the hole groups to play. In ranked rounds, the set you play will depend on your tier. For example, if you are a Master, you will get one of the two sets of "hard" hole groups. When playing in multiplayer ranked games, the hole group will be based on the host's tier.

    The current, default hole group will remain for all tournaments. We look forward to your feedback in the forums.

    For a Limited Time - Free New Avatar in the Pro Shop

    As a special offer for our holiday Beta players, we're giving away the "Going Green (Male 1)" avatar until the end of the year. Simply go to the detail page for this avatar and click BUY NOW (the price is 0 credits).

    Change your look in time for the new year! We now have different avatars for sale in the Pro Shop. Three new looks are available for each of the six avatar types, with more coming out in future releases. Browse them now, or read more.


    Just in time for the holidays, you can now purchase clubs, balls, and avatars for your friends. Items can be purchased for any WGT player or non-WGT friend (they will have to register to receive the gift). Pro and master level clubs and balls are not available for gifting, and you may not gift an item from your own inventory—you must purchase a new one.

    If you send a gift to a non-WGT member and that person registers to become a member, you will receive a free sleeve of WGT GI-D golf balls. If that person then deposits $10 or more at WGT, you will receive 200 credits in your account as a bonus! Read more >

    Ready-Go Tournaments

    Starting today, there will always be an open tournament for you to enter and earn credits. Our new Ready-Go tournaments will run 24/7, where as soon as 50 players enter the tournament, it is closed for new entries and a new tournament with the same parameters is automatically created. To start, we are offering two 100cr entry fee, 50-person limit tournaments with 4000cr payouts. All ready-go tournaments are single-play. Read more >

    Reputation Percentage

    A new Reputation Percentage indicator will show you how often you and other players complete multiplayer games. The indicator should give players a better sense about the person they are starting a game with and the likelihood that person will finish the game. Your reputation percentage is not affected by practice games or single-player games.

    When creating a multiplayer game, you can search for opponents with 50%+ or 75%+ completion rates. The rule only applies when you search for "Anyone". You can still manually invite players or friends who don't meet the reputation criteria you set. Everyone will start off with an 80% reputation percentage, and it will move up or down depending on your game completion rates. Read more >

    Invitation Decline Reason

    When you decline an invitation, you can now send a reason for your decline. The default message is "Already in a game", but if you choose "No thanks" you can also enter a customized message. The player who invited you will see the message in the game lobby.

    New Equipment in the Pro Shop - Available to All Tiers

    • TaylorMade Burner Beginner Club Set - More forgiving and slower swing meter, perfect for beginners.
    • TaylorMade Burner Plus Iron Set - More forgiving and a slower swing meter than the Burner Iron Set.
    • WGT Starter Plus Club Set - A low-priced clubset with a slow swing meter designed specifically for beginners.
    • GI2-D - Same as the GI-D, but one tick slower in the meter speed.
    • GI2-S - Same as the GI-S, but one tick slower in the meter speed.

    Match Play Rematch Button

    When you finish a match play game, you can now click a Rematch button and play again. Your opponent will have the option to accept or decline the rematch.

    Green Speed Setting for Multiplayer Practice Rounds

    You now have the ability to set green speeds in your multiplayer practice rounds.

    Bug Fixes

    • Players can no longer use Pro and Master tier clubs in tournaments that they entered as a lower tier player.
    • You should no longer receive duplicate email notifications for forum replies.

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