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  • FAQ: How do I Get WGT Credits?

    09 Dec 2009

    Players often ask us how they can get WGT credits. Credits can be used to upgrade equipment in the Pro Shop, enter premium tournaments, and challenge other players in match play games. The game and all the courses are free to play, but credits allow you to get a richer experience at WGT.

    There are a couple of ways you can get credits at WGT:

    • Purchase them - the old-fashioned and easiest way to get credits is to purchase them. $1 will get you 100 credits, and you can use any major credit card (even pre-paid), PayPal, and many international payment methods. To buy credits, go to the Buy Credits tab of the ACCOUNT section. There you will be able to enter your payment information and specify the amount you wish to purchase.
    • Earn them in tournaments - we offer a variety of monthly and weekly free tournaments where you can earn credits by placing in the top 70 on the leaderboards. We also have monthly course sweepstakes where the winners get a few hundred credits each. In the tournament calendar, credit-payout tournaments will have a CR icon in the Purse column.
    • Earn them in match play games - you can now challenge other players for credits in match play challenges. You and your opponent decide how many credits will be challenged, and the winner will earn the credits in the pot. Read more about match play challenges here.
    • Complete offers - you can now take advantage of offers from our partners to earn credits. Fill out the offers you are interested in, and get credits deposited into your WGT account. To do this, go to the Buy Credits page and click on "Change Billing Information". Click on the "Complete offer to earn credits" button under "Select Payment Method", and complete the offers you are interested in.


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