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  • Special to Air on 10th Anniversary of Payne Stewart’s Death

    24 Oct 2009

    By The Armchair Golfer

    Photo: The Payne Stewart statue on the Walk of Fame at Pinehurst.

    Sunday will mark the 10th anniversary of the untimely death of Payne Stewart, a multiple major winner and one of the PGA Tour’s charismatic personalities. In remembrance of Stewart’s impact both on and off the golf course, Golf Channel will air a one-hour special on Sunday at noon Eastern Time.

    Hosted by Kraig Kann, Steve Sands and Charlie Rymer, the special will feature the most memorable moments in Payne’s career, including:

    • The donation of his winnings to charity from the 1987 Bay Hill Invitational.
    • His passion and patriotism for the Ryder Cup, and a look back at his five performances, including his concession to Colin Montgomerie in 1999.
    • His three major championship victories, including the dramatic 1999 U.S. Open victory at Pinehurst over Phil Mickelson.

    Golf Channel’s Scott Walker will visit with Stewart’s family at the recently opened Payne Stewart Golf Club in his home state of Missouri. The special will also include interviews with fellow PGA Tour professionals and friends in the golf community who will share their memories of Payne.

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