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  • Match Play, Pinehurst No. 8, and New Equipment!

    13 Oct 2009

    Here are the highlights from today's product release. While we make an effort to include all updates made to the product, please note that occasionally some changes are unintentionally omitted.

    Match Play Game Format

    We've released the first iteration of our match play game format, and we'd love to get your feedback. You can create or join match play games and track your match play points on your profile page. "Scored" matches are tracked in the stats section of your profile and shows your record vs. your friends. Go head-to-head with your friends and see who comes out on top! Read more here.

    This feature is brand new and still being tested, so you should expect to see some issues. We plan to make many more improvements to it in the next few releases, and we encourage you to make suggestions and report all bugs in our forums.

    Awards Display Case

    Who has the most prestigious awards? We've made it easier to view and track your awards by organizing them into categories and showing your progress on the awards you can earn. Click the Awards button on your profile page now and see your awards standings! We are planning to release more awards for you to add to your trophy case in the future.

    Pinehurst No. 8 Closest-to-the-Hole Challenge

    A new closest-to-the-hole challenge is now available on Pinehurst No. 8. This course opened in 1996 to commemorate Pinehurst's centennial year. Fazio incorporated signature Ross features into the design, including dips and swales around the greens, sloping greens and false fronts. Located approximately 2 miles from the Main Clubhouse at the site of the former Gun Club, it is a celebration of a century of great golf.

    Ability to Pull Flagstick

    When on the green you can now remove the flagstick so it will not interfere with your shot. Simply mouse over the flagstick and you will see a button with "Remove Flagstick" appear. Click the button and the flagstick will be removed from the hole. To bring it back, mouse over the area where the flagstick appears and a button with "Replace Flagstick" will appear, which will put it back into the cup. When you are on the green, remember the flagstick is not really in the cup.  It is just a visual reference you can hide and bring back.

    Green Speed Indicator

    When you are on the green, you will now see a green speed indicator in the upper right hand corner. The green speed will affect how far your ball will roll. This means that your distances on your putter will only be accurate on standard green speeds. You will need to adjust for your distances to account for the faster and slower greens. Read more in our FAQs.

    New Equipment in the Pro Shop

    • Available to All Tiers:
      • WGT GI-S ball - These balls will give you a small increase in spin and the benefit of a slower swing meter.
    • Exclusive to Pro & Master Tiers:
      • WGT Tour-S ball - These balls will give you increased spin and distance, but their soft covers will take a punishing.
      • WGT Tour-SD ball - These balls will give you extra spin and extra distance.
      • Ping G10 Tour W Pro Wedges - New wedges in 52, 56, 58, and 64 degree lofts.
      • TaylorMade Tour Pro Wedges - New wedges in 52, 56, and 58 degree lofts.
      • WGT Tour Pro Clubs - If you like the WGT Tour Starters, you'll love the WGT Tour Pros. Our most affordable pro-level clubs!

    Product Descriptions in the Pro Shop

    We've added product descriptions in the Pro Shop to help you better select the equipment you need.

    Additional Friend Feed Content

    You can now see more of your friends' activities in your Friend Feed. Below are some of the new activities you will see:

    • Tournament entered
    • Tournament finished
    • Tournament won
    • Completed stroke play round
    • Complete match play round
    • Replay saved
    • Pro shop item purchased
    • Tier changed

    New International Payment Methods

    You can now purchase WGT credits using Maestro (UK), ELV (Germany), iDEAL (Netherlands), and WallieCard (worldwide) payment methods.

    Ball Trail in Replays

    When you view a replay, you will be able to see a white trail showing the path of the ball. This is helpful when looking at the breaks on a green in putting replays.

    Available Credits Displayed in Profile Widget

    It's now easy to see how many credits you have in your account. Just look at the profile widget on the left side of the screen next to your name, and you can see your balance without having to click into your My Account page.

    Bug Fixes

    • There should no longer be a $.01 discrepancy between the career earnings stat on your profile page and the stat on the Top Earners list.
    • When you remove a friend, they should no longer show up in the Friends section of your profile page.

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