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  • Hazeltine and This Week's PGA Championship

    12 Aug 2009

    By Peter Kessler

    When Hazeltine was built in the 1960's it measured over 7,400 yards from the back tees. Unheard of at a time when 7,000 was LONG.
    The course is now 7,674 yards--unheard of in 2009.
    The course was originally routed so that a carry of 250-260 yards made it safely over the bunkers. Now that carry is 300-320 yards.
    Hazeltine is number 68 on GolfWeek's Best Modern Course list.
    Every hole is different now than it was for the 1970 U.S. Open.
    The 14th is a drivable par four.
    The 16 is the toughest driving hole.

    Made 54 of 55 putts inside of ten feet. Unheard of in the history of the game.
    Won 28% of the majors he's played in. Unheard of in the history of the game.
    Won 13 of his last 23.
    Won four of his last six.
    Won all 14 of his major championships when leading after 54 holes.
    Found his putting stroke as evidenced by his 23 putts last Saturday.
    Won four PGA's.
    Could win eight or nine times before the year is out.

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