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  • Virtual U.S. Open Qualifiers, New Tiers, New Clubs, and More

    25 May 2009

    We made some updates to the product today, and here are the highlights:

    The Virtual U.S. Open 2009 has begun!

    The Virtual U.S. Open Qualifying Round runs from May 25 to June 21. Experience what it would be like to play on one of the most challenging golf courses in the world under championship conditions: Bethpage Black in Farmingdale, NY. The US Open is the toughest test in golf, and everyone hits from the same championship tees, so you will find it challenging to reach some of the fairways and greens. But don't worry, with some clever course management you find a way to break par.

    Players from all eligible countries have unlimited chances during this period to post a score that makes the cut into the Championship round on June 22nd. Only the top 156 scores plus ties will qualify for the Championship Round. On June 22nd, those who qualify will compete in a single play 18-hole round on Bethpage Black, where they have just one chance to score the round of their life and become the 2009 Virtual U.S. Open Champion. The champion will take home the trophy and earn a trip to the 2010 U.S. Open Championship at Pebble Beach. Click here for details

    New Tiers Added

    We have added two new tiers: Pro and Master. This will improve the groupings so that players compete against those of similar ability. Depending on your ranked game scores the system will automatically place you in one of four tiers: Hack, Amateur, Pro or Master.

    New Virtual Clubs Available in the Pro Shop

    Fill your golf bag with the latest golf technology. The new gear includes the TaylorMade R9 driver, TaylorMade Burner hybrids and irons with steel and graphite shafts, the TaylorMade Z TP wedges, PING G10 irons with graphite shafts, the Lynx LX 5 Driver, and SnakeEyes wedges. Shop now

    Putter Distance Selector

    You now have the flexibility to choose the maximum distance of your putter. In the distance indicator, you will notice up and down arrows. Click these to select 30ft, 60ft, or 150ft putting lengths for more control of your shot.

    Wind Adjustments

    Based on your feedback, we have made some adjustments to the wind. It should not affect putting as much, and should not be as noticeable except for the higher shots. Please let us know what you think of the changes in our Forums.

    Putting Grid Change

    Now when you engage your swing meter during putting, the putting grid becomes invisible. Please let us know if you notice an improvement in swing meter performance. Players who prefer to have the putting grid turned on at all times should go to the Options Menu and set it to "On".

    New Advanced Settings in Option Menu

    When you go to the Options Menu in the game, there is a new Advanced settings tab where you can turn your avatar rotation and background loading on or off. Turning off your avatar rotation may improve loading times, and turning off your background loading may improve swing meter performance. These settings are recommended for players with slower systems.

    Bug Fixes

    • Flag removal - you should no longer experience a problem with flag removal during putts. We fixed a bug where the game mistakenly thinks you are on the fringe when you are in fact putting.
    • Hit the pin award - you should begin receiving Hit the Pin awards again

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