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  • New Clubs, Game Improvements, and Sneak Peek at Pro Shop

    05 Mar 2009

    We launched some new features today that we hope you will enjoy. Below are a few of the highlights, and the full list is posted in our forum. Remember that this month, most of the tournaments will start on March 10 in order to give everyone a chance to get a feel for the changes.

    New WGT Starter Set Clubs
    We have provided every player with a free WGT Starter set of clubs, which will replace your "Pre-Beta" set. Your player is automatically equipped with this improved set of clubs, so play now and let us know what you think. The WGT Starter set is meant for beginners and first-time players. We will release more clubs in the near future for advanced players.

    Game Improvements
    In our ongoing efforts to make WGT the most realistic online golf experience ever, we've made some major improvements to the way the golf ball interacts with ground surfaces and golf clubs in game play. Much like in real golf, you need to pay special attention to your lie. Knowing which type of ground surface (hard sand, mulch, second cut rough, etc) and how buried your ball is becomes critical to hitting an accurate shot. So be sure to check this graphic before every shot you take:

    PLEASE NOTE: One side effect of these changes is that all of your saved replays will be wiped from the site. We are working on a solution in the future where we will no longer have to wipe the replays when we make these types of updates.

    WGT Virtual Pro Shop - Sneak Peek
    The beta version of the WGT Virtual Pro Shop is available for a sneak peek! The Pro Shop lets you upgrade the golf equipment your player uses in the game. Just like in real golf, the right equipment combined with the right amount of skill can give you longer, more accurate drives or better touch on and off the green. Visit the Pro Shop to compare and purchase new clubs, and use them in the game to maximize your potential. Available today are the Ping G10, TaylorMade Burner, WGT Tour Drivers. We are working on many more clubs and they will be added as soon as they are ready.

    My Clubs Section
    To equip yourself with clubs you get in the Pro Shop, mouse over the My Settings tab in the game menu and choose My Clubs. Once you are in the My Clubs interface, click and drag the club you want to equip, from the Inventory section into the In My Bag section. Click Save to keep your selection. You can also access My Clubs prior to teeing off by clicking the View/Edit Clubs button.

    New countries eligible for tournaments - Norway, Australia, and Japan
    Starting this month, players in Norway and Australia are eligible to play in some leaderboard (score-based) tournaments, and players in Japan are eligible for prizes in the sweepstakes tournaments. We are working on our next batch of countries, so stay tuned! Keep in mind that each month we will run an international tournament where players in every country can compete for bragging rights. This month's international tournament will commence on March 9.

    Share Replays
    You can now share replays with your friends more easily. After watching a replay, click on the Share button, enter your friend's email address and a personal message and click the Send button.

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