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  • Don't Play Alone on Valentine's Day!

    14 Feb 2009

    Happy Valentine's Day from WGT!

    It's always more fun playing with others, especially on Valentine's Day. Finding a buddy to play with is easy on WGT. Just go to the WGT Players page and hit the Search button. You can leave the Search field blank, enter a partial string (i.e. "b" to find all player names starting with the letter b), or enter the entire username of the person you are looking for.

    If you find someone interesting among the available players but there is a grey button next to their name, it means they are in the middle of a tournament or multiplayer game. Sign their wall and pick someone else in the meantime! If you like who you played with, be sure to "friend" them afterwards by clicking on "Add as Friend" on their profile page, and it will be easy to find them next time.


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