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  • Obama Plays Bali Hai

    20 Jan 2009

    In honor of today's inauguration, we wanted to share with you this article from Golf Digest, which included an anecdote about Obama playing Bali Hai during his presidential campaign:

    "Not long after Obama announced his run for president, on the steps of the Old State House in Springfield, he landed in Las Vegas late one weekday afternoon for a campaign stop the next morning. There were only two hours of light left. Obama and three aides raced over to the Bali Hai Golf Club, just off the strip and not far from Mandalay Bay, for a quick nine holes. Obama and Marvin Nicholson, a 10-handicapper, teamed up against Robert Gibbs, a single-digit handicapper who was the campaign's communications director, and Reggie Love, the candidate's close personal aide and a former Duke University basketball and football player who was a wild boomer with his big-headed driver. On the first tee, Love announced the stakes: $10 per hole. 'Whoa,' Obama said. 'Reggie, you must be good.' They were required to take carts, though Obama insists on walking when it's an option. Gibbs played the round of his life, one-putting nearly every green. By the end of the nine holes, they had been in Vegas less than three hours, and Obama and Nicholson had each lost $30."

    Are you ready to squeeze in a round on Bali Hai?

    Photo: Golf Digest

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