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WGT Golf News

  • 1 Million Rounds Played

    04 Nov 2008

    WGT players have completed 1 million rounds as of today, less than one month after the Beta went live! We have more exciting features, prizes and tournaments coming, so keep honing your skills and thanks for helping WGT reach this important milestone.

  • New Amateur Tier Added

    01 Nov 2008

    Ready for the next level of competition? We've enabled the Amateur tier at WGT! The top players in the community have been moved automatically to the new tier, where they will be playing from a new teebox. They will compete against other Amateur players in tournaments, and qualify for bigger purses and better prizes. As the WGT golfing community increases in size and ability we will continue to add higher tiers.

    All players are elgible to qualify for the Amateur tier, so keep on playing!

    (Please note that per our Terms & Conditions, each player may use only one account.)

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