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Tue, Apr 26 2022 1:03 AM (725 replies)
  • ReisR
    341 Posts
    Thu, Jan 15 2015 11:44 AM

    I see you decide to lay up!

  • Premed
    776 Posts
    Sat, Jan 24 2015 2:07 PM

    Has anyone compiled a list of the over 400 club, would be interesting to see them  (us) listed according to lenghts of drives, maybe could find the longest drive ever, i dont meet many people that match my 414 longest PB.

  • Disloid
    32 Posts
    Sun, Jan 25 2015 4:58 PM

    Finally! 417yds at St A No.3

    P.S. I don't think all these mickey mouse Cabo No.5 shots, out of bounds and off the rocks, should count :)

  • ElwoodBlues55
    69 Posts
    Sun, Jan 25 2015 5:34 PM replay but in my stats.

  • BigBlockVettes
    482 Posts
    Sun, Jan 25 2015 5:39 PM

    yeah that drive was pure luck no skill , but it aint noting saying how you do it as long as it is in the fairway. I do agree that it should be noted that the drive was helped not a clean drive, just so others no.

  • Rogeronfire
    37 Posts
    Sun, Jan 25 2015 6:20 PM


    5th at St Andrews   405 yds.  Replay saved.

  • ElwoodBlues55
    69 Posts
    Mon, Jan 26 2015 6:30 PM

    So,what exactly is the difference between hitting a drive with a 30 mph + tailwind that takes a lucky bounce off the heel of a hill or mogul and rolls 415 and one that hits an a rock,or a tree,or one of those old course markers on St.Andy's and rolls 415?..or a drive that hits the cart path and flies 415?..answer? difference. As long as the ball stays in bounds,there's not one iota of difference. EVERY 400+ yard drive is aided in some aspect in reaching that distance by something..wind,downhill elevation,and/or striking an object or a hard surface. 

    The question being asked here is "what's your longest drive?" The OP didn't qualify the question by asking which course you did it on,whether you struck anything,nor did he limit it to any specific course/courses.

    It should also be noted that one's stats merely reflect one's LONGEST drive..they don't retain any subsequent drives that may have been equally impressive as well,but weren't LONGER than one's LONGEST drive. For example,I believe my longest drive on St.Andys is currently around 415-420,and I've hit for over 400 there several times,but because we only get space to save 10 replays..and because in the grand scheme of things,I'd MUCH prefer a normal drive and great second shot that puts me a foot from the pin on a par 4 or par 5 to a long drive that,7 times out of 10,ends up in a par anyway..I'm not really interested in saving replays of drives unless they're in the cup or within a couple feet of it.

    ANYBODY playing here can hit a 400+ yd's what you do with the SECOND shot that counts.


  • broncob
    76 Posts
    Mon, Jan 26 2015 7:03 PM

    443 in my stats