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April MPI - Jarid wins!

Wed, May 20 2009 4:52 PM (148 replies)
  • nivlac
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    Fri, Feb 13 2009 10:37 AM

    April Banner by: Jarid

    DISCLAIMER:  This tournament is NOT sponsored by the World Golf Tour


    Final update as of 2:05PM EDT on 05/15.

    North  vs  East  (Amateur Championship Match)

    #34 Jarid  defeats  #17 gitthe  2 & 1

    West  vs  South  (Amateur Consolation Match)

    #6 badaboom defeats  #5 claremoreblue  4 & 2 


    5/15 Tournament Update: 

    - Congratulations to Jarid, The April Match Play Invitational Champion!  He'll be taking home a WGT branded 256MB Flash Drive!

    - Congrats also to gitthe who put up one hell of a fight, but came up just short in the finale.  He'll be taking home a WGT branded Polo Shirt!

    - Congratulations to badaboom, our third place winner who will take home a sleeve of WGT branded TaylorMade golf balls!

    - Hack Championship Match:  BillReck  vs  buckeyes4life

    - View the Amateur Bracket (mirror)

    - View the Hack Bracket (mirror)

    - Follow the April MPI Bracket Challenge!

    Good Luck to everyone!


    Amateur Tournament Schedule:

    - Play-In Round (April 10th - April16th) - Complete!

    - Round 1 (April 15th - April 26th) - Complete!

    - Round 2 (April 27th - May 3rd) - Complete!

    - Quarterfinals (May 4th - May 10th) - Complete!

    - Semifinals (May 11th - May 17th) - Complete!

    - Finals (May 18th - May 24th)  - Complete!


    All tournament rules, regulations, prizes and tournament Q&A are in the next post.


    Winners should report match results HERE

    View the Qualifying Leaderboards HERE

    View the Amateur Bracket HERE  (mirror)

  • nivlac
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    Fri, Feb 13 2009 10:38 AM

    Match Play Tournament Rules & Regs

    This is not a stroke play tournament.  All matches will be played and scored in accordance with the official USGA Match Play Rules.  If you're not sure how match play works, ask your questions now! Don't wait until you are on the 2nd hole of your first match!

    Play-in round matches will be 9 holes in length.  All other matches in this tournament will be 18 holes in length.  All 9-hole matches will be played on the back 9 of the Kiawah Ocean Course.  All 18-hole matches will consist of playing the back 9 twice.

    Each tournament's seeding will based solely upon your performance in the qualifying event. 

    The higher seeded player (#1, #2 etc) will send the invite to the lower seeded player. 


    If the match is tied after the designated match length (9 or 18 holes), then play must resume on Hole #10 with the player who won the final hole inviting the player who lost.  If the final hole was tied, then the player who teed off first on the final hole will send the invite to resume play.  Play will continue as long as it takes until one player wins a hole and the match ends immediately.  When reporting final scores, be sure to include the total number of holes played for sudden death matches.  For example, nivlac beats calvin 1-up / 22 holes.


    Players should take screenshots whenever a disconnect occurs during a match.   You can take a screen shot at any time (on PC) by pressing the Print Screen key and then immediately pasting the results into MS Paint and saving (or similar program).

    If players are disconnected during the match then every effort should be made to continue at the point of disconnect.  If possible, return to the approximate positions you were in and resume counting strokes manually once you get there.  You may not improve your lie.  If you disconnected in the bunker, you must return to the bunker.  Only if both players agree may play be restarted from the tee of the hole you were on when disconnected.  In that case, you'll need to start again and resume the match scoring on the appropriate tee.  In other words, if you agree to resume on #14 then just play the first 4 holes again for fun and pick up the match on the 14th tee. 

    Disconnecting (without prior consent from your opponent) two times during the same match earn you an automatic disqualification!!!  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

    Playing Matches Early

    For the sake of scheduling, you may complete your next match prior to the start of the round.  However, out of respect for other players, please do not post or discuss your match results until the actual start date for that round.


    All disputes will be settled by the tournament director (me) and those decisions, including any disqualifications are final.


    What are the prizes?


    Tournament winner will receive:

    One (1) World Golf Tour Branded 256MB USB Flash Drive!!

    First place runner-up will receive:

    One (1) World Golf Tour Branded Polo Shirt (Black, L or XL)!!

    Second place runner-up will receive:

    One (1) sleeve (3-pack) of World Golf Tour Branded, TaylorMade Golf Balls!!


    Tournament winner will receive:

    One (1) World Golf Tour Branded 256MB USB Flash Drive!!

    First place runner-up will receive:

    One (1) sleeve (3-pack) of World Golf Tour Branded, TaylorMade Golf Balls!!


    Quick Q&A:

    "What happens if I'm in the Hack tier when I qualify but, I'm promoted to the Amateur tier before the tournament starts?" 

    If this happens to you then you must notify me immediately!  You cannot be invited to the Amateur tournament if you qualified as a Hack.  You will be required to re-qualify from the appropriate tees.  It will either consist of a one-time stroke play round with me or I will ask you to enter a specific weekly stroke play event and that score will be used instead. 

    "What if I'm promoted after the match play portion of the tournament has already started?"

    You're stuck.  There's nothing I can do.  You'll have to play your matches from the Amateur tees and consider yourself unlucky.

    "What if I'm tied for 36th place with 18 other people after the qualifier?  Who gets invited to the tournament?"

    The WGT applies tie-breakers to the tournament immediately after folks finish their round.  If you're behind someone with the same score as you, that means the tie-breaker worked against you.  In the instance of multiple tied scores, I'll be taking the person or persons listed at the top.


  • foxysocks
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    Fri, Feb 13 2009 10:58 AM

    sounds fun.

    tks nivlac for setting all this up

  • nivlac
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    Fri, Feb 13 2009 11:01 AM

    My pleasure as always.  Now that I have some cool stuff to give away it should make it all that more interesting. :)

    Any of you folks that play these regularly, if I'm missing something or messed anything up let me know ASAP.

  • ncviz
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    Fri, Feb 13 2009 1:23 PM

     I was going to wait for the February tourney to bring this up, but this is as good a time as any I suppose.

    Nivlac, you should play in this...

    Now we know some people have taken issue with your playing and administrating the tourney. Certainly you shouldn't be in the same flight while also overseeing any conflicts/issues. Other issues were brought up too, but that got to be a little nitpicky after a while I thought. And why do we listen to some of "those people" anyway?

    Here's my solution... Have someone else take care of anything related to the Championship flight. Think you already have an assistant, he would be the perfect candidate, although it doesn't have to be him. I just find myself thinking since I'm currently in the top 4, would I be if certain others were in there. I know it's for fun but you still want to play the best and beat the best. Make any sense. Thought I would throw that out there. Let me know what you think.

  • nivlac
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    Fri, Feb 13 2009 1:37 PM

    Thank you ncviz, your support is greatly appreciated. :)

    I was working on a way to get myself included into future tournaments but, out of the blue the WGT was kind enough to send me some gear.  I was invited to keep it but, instead I thought it would be a great idea to give most of it away as prizes for the tournaments.  Now that I can do that, it's vitally important that I don't play.  Besides, I think offering prizes will draw more of those top names into the fray anyway.

    I'm not left out in the cold, believe me. I enjoy putting on these tournaments as much as you guys like playing in them.  I get to see everyone meet new friends, have some fun (for the most part) and some friendly competition.  Based on the many positive comments and feedback I've recieved, it seems like you guys really appreciate having events like this.  That's enough to keep on doing it as far as I'm concerned. :D

    One day when I run out of stuff to give away, I'll focus in on getting myself involved again.  I promise.


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    Fri, Feb 13 2009 11:46 PM

    a couple of things first off thanks for getting these trnys going its great fun like when i played tiger woods 99 online  . my first question is will marchs trny be 18 holes also? and ive already signed up for aprils but will we get the email for the marchs or do we need to check the forum for it .. and i also would like to see you in the trnys im not in your bracket YET lol but another thing would be to have someone else host trny i would be willing to do it i know there is alot of work and prep for it but im sure you can explain it to me or someone else to do it i hosted hundreds of trnys on tiger woods 99 i know alot more involved but i do know how to solve problems with play we can swap ever other trny or something  or you might have someone else in mind thats fine too let me know i can pass phone number on to you 


  • nivlac
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    Sat, Feb 14 2009 4:35 PM

    I can't play when there's prizes involved. :)

    When I run out of stuff to give away then I'll try to get back into the competition.

    I'm still deciding on some last minute details for March.  I'll have info as soon as possible.  Probably tomorrow or Monday.

  • iconian
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    Sat, Feb 14 2009 5:09 PM




    cal, u  are worrying way too much about what others think.

    if someone has a problemw to the way you administer the tournament, they can do the following:

    email to

    so, if u want to play, play...let the nay sayers, show themselves



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    Sat, Feb 14 2009 5:29 PM

     yes its maybe not right to play in trny your putting on but it isnt like we are playing for 1 trillion dollars and from what im seeing most people in your flight want you too and hell if people have a problem they dont have to play isnt like people are forcing us too