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Printable Nike Daytona and Ghost Putter Distance Scales

Tue, Oct 10 2017 11:15 PM (100 replies)
  • cm68
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    Thu, Mar 8 2012 4:05 PM

    Hi Runwme,

    Just stumbled across your charts... now my query is this:

    Did your lovely wife use formulas in her spreadsheets when producing these charts?

    If so, could I please get a copy of that spreadsheet, so i may be able to adapt it to suit some other clubs etc that I use.

    Cheers too for your help with my game in the my early days.  I too am now trying to help new members like you did with me...

    Thanks again.

    Cheers, Chuck (aka cm68)

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    Thu, Mar 8 2012 8:19 PM

    Cheers Chuck, glad to hear they are helping out.

    Formulas are .

    .9 for slow

    1.0  for standard

    1.1 fast

    1.2 very fast

    1.3 tourney

    1.4 Championship

    That is just starting point. Some tourney greens play 1.25 while others play 1.35 depending on wgt's mood when setting the events up.

    If you need anything else, fire off email to me


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    Thu, Mar 8 2012 9:38 PM

    Looks great!


    There is also a good one here


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    Fri, Mar 16 2012 5:49 AM

    Bump per request

  • BeachedMulligan
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    Fri, Mar 16 2012 7:09 AM


    People please, is all this really necessary for a computer game. Very, very nice for someone to take the time to do this, but really. I have never seen anyone in real golf, lay out a gauge or any other device to measure their putt. I am getting close to making legend, and have never used a single tool to get here. No notes, no gauges, no calculators that make me take 60-90 seconds to take my shot. It is just like in real golf, use your own skills, ability and memory to play. If you need a journal to play a computer game, then all I can say is,  you may have some serious issues, that need dealt with right away. If I am in an AS game on here, and it has a 90 second timer, if you take more than 30-45 seconds to shoot, that is a major annoyance. Do you take a minute and a half to swing in real golf? If you do, please don't invite me to play. I am renniw52, and I have approved this message.

    Every single Pro Golfer has a chart usually that the caddie carries that tells him their exact yardage that he/she hits the clubs they use. Also, they have charts in their pockets of distances of bunkers etc etc on each hole. So yes Pro's also use these things in real life. They dont use a tape measurer on the greens, but they can read greens better than we can on WGT because the grids are wrong 1/3 of the time anyways.


    Edit: Thanks Run for putting something like this up, it certainly helped me when I first started playing and I created a hybrid to your setup and changed the formula a bit for my own liking. I still cant putt, but this will cut down on 3 putts for 95% of newbies that use it untill they understand the greens a bit better.

  • djepudd
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    Wed, Mar 28 2012 1:49 PM

    Nice to see the info sharing going on so....

    There is a nice desktop ruler at the DELPHI programming site, it is a free download. I don't use it very often because you have to keep adjusting your window and it puts me off my mouse click on accuracy but for the 150ft and 60ft scales Lovely jubbly.

  • catatonklefty
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    Sat, Apr 21 2012 7:07 PM

    Hello Runwme, was wondering if you had the Redwood L72  distance chart?  thanks Lefty!!

  • Dianne81
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    Sun, Apr 22 2012 5:11 AM

    Not sure Don has seen this request but here it is anyway


  • catatonklefty
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    Sun, Apr 22 2012 7:15 AM

    Hi Dianne,thank you very much for the chart..much appreciated..take care ..Lefty!!

  • itsthetodman
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    Sun, Apr 22 2012 4:34 PM

    hi dianne could u do me one for the rossa and spyder please ty very much and whats the number 1-10 for underneath the green speed i understand the ones across the top are the putter distances but i not sure what the ones are under the green speeds please explain and ty very much if u could get me them two charts. Todman.