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Yancy & Medford Mel Driving Raw Footage - Fence Was Shut at Congressional Country Club

Mon, Sep 9 2013 4:54 PM (91 replies)
  • Win1Soon
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    Sat, Sep 7 2013 11:34 PM

    Yancy, I think my thread need some INVESTIGATING done to it! 404,708 people on Facebook play this game (supposedly) And I can't even get 100 of them to read or like my link.. then share to Facebook lol. Go here and remove the aliens

    By the way, I still refer to your youtube vidsonce in awhile and whatnot..

  • YancyCan
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    Mon, Sep 9 2013 4:54 PM

    Team Yancy Humbely Presents: HAUNTED OREGON CITY

    For best viewables & whatnot, crank up your volume, notch up to full HD if possible and, go full screen and such. You can do that by clickins on the little youtube white button all down there!

    Sincerely, I am Yancy