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How to properly use chip and pitch clubs: A guide V2.0

Fri, Apr 22 2022 7:06 PM (332 replies)
  • MrOtto
    5 Posts
    Thu, Mar 25 2010 7:20 PM

    As a new player, I have found these tips invaluable.  Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  • sixkiller
    1,147 Posts
    Thu, Apr 8 2010 7:19 PM

    Very concise, informative, and helpful, wish i could have read this when i first started, i've had to figure out a lot of this the hard way! Good Work.

  • smason77
    464 Posts
    Thu, Apr 15 2010 8:42 PM

    Ironically this is mostly all stuff that people who actually play golf would already know. LOL.

    Just saying.

  • NikolajK
    36 Posts
    Sun, Apr 18 2010 2:54 AM

    Read this guide a while back. Followed it to the letter. Took notes and all. Even so the short game is extremly bugged in WGT. There is definately some extremely bad coding. The short game is simply inconsistant., and it really marres this otherwise great game.

    52 Posts
    Sun, Apr 25 2010 3:41 PM

    Nice guide. One hint that helps me in chipping or pitching. I drag the pointer from the hole to were i hit from. this will show elevation difference from where you plan to hit the green and the hole. This avoids missing the 10 " drop while the pointer reads a 2 ft up elevation.

    great guide. I wish I could play ready-go's.


  • allym55
    47 Posts
    Tue, Apr 27 2010 4:05 AM
    Allym55 here I've read your advice on the chip and pitch shots,I've only been playing about 2 months and thats all the golf Iknow ,up till now Inever get near the hole but thanks to your expert know how I've improved quite a bit ,but a long way to go.thanks very much.
  • lucas27
    17 Posts
    Tue, May 11 2010 9:00 AM

    thanks for the tips ,very usefull

    best regards pedro(lucas27)

  • KingKoolawa
    2 Posts
    Mon, May 17 2010 3:05 AM

    chip and pitch are rigged , even if you get ding it goes nowhere

  • Soulcatcher
    1,970 Posts
    Sun, May 23 2010 12:47 PM


    chip and pitch are rigged , even if you get ding it goes nowhere

    Did you even read the guide?

    They both work fine when you know how to use them. If you are trying to chop from ten yards off the green then yes you are doomed....both here and IRL.

    Happy hitting

  • NtK5716
    3 Posts
    Wed, Jun 2 2010 1:47 AM

    Thanks, very useful guide. I only wish I'd read it before watching my ball travel 34' past the hole on a 22 yard, 2" up pitch that I hit around 75%!


    There's quite a jump from amateur to pro :/


    I enjoy this game, and understand that it's still beta (it will ALWAYS be beta), but I can't see myself playing it much longer with all the inconsistencies on shot physics