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How to properly use chip and pitch clubs: A guide V2.0

Fri, Apr 22 2022 7:06 PM (332 replies)
  • johnman1
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    Fri, Oct 25 2013 4:42 AM

    Thanks iconian, very good information to keep in the bag.


  • LNess
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    Sun, Nov 3 2013 9:58 PM

    i have a 60 wedge which other wedge hould i have  a 54   56   58   or 64.

    could you please tell me wich one and why

  • zagraniczniak
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    Mon, Nov 4 2013 9:52 AM

    i have a 60 wedge which other wedge hould i have  a 54   56   58   or 64.

    The degrees of loft are not all that important in themselves. The rated distances are more important. You should try to have a good range of distances covered by your set of wedges (starting from the pitching wedge which is part of your iron set) without big gaps - not just the main distance for full shots but also the distance for punch shots etc. Some folks think the shortest wedges are the most important because they are so vital in your short game around the greens - pitch and flop shots etc.

  • brekee
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    Thu, Dec 12 2013 10:44 PM

    ' It's all designed to make YOU HAVE TO SPEND MONEY! '


  • jLux70
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    Fri, Dec 13 2013 5:07 AM

    lovely guide. most important for community. thank you so much

  • Bignbad40
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    Tue, Dec 17 2013 5:46 PM

    Awesome Job! I've played on here for over three years and these suggestions really help.Thanks Carl aka Bignbad40


  • CStaddon
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    Sat, Jan 4 2014 12:48 PM

    Very useful, but still doesn't explain how - when you're 6" off the green in light rough, with 12 yards to the pin, and your club length is 12 yards - you do a 3/4 swing and it goes 6 inch; you do any more up to a full swing and it might goes - uphill - 10, 15 yards past the hole (or downhill, 50 yards or more).  I've played golf for years - I can't fathom it out!

  • ckinfidel
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    Sat, Jan 4 2014 4:01 PM

    Very true, that's when you have to start writing your own thread or scream a little. I'm not skilled like the one who started this thread but maybe, well, sounds like you're on a hill? I'd probably try the putter, use the mulligan practice( now can use0 but I've no idea how to reproduce that shot because wgt is not able to use a formatted ball placement for [putts and chips and such.

     So, I have no answer personally, good luck in your virtual games.

  • CStaddon
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    Sat, Feb 1 2014 12:45 PM

    I'm getting the hang of some of the shots...anything around 22 yards has to be a sand wedge. On the fairway, no spin. In the rough, line the club blade to the top of the grass on the ball spin indicator and hey presto! Within 2 feet every time (frequently hitting the flag). Anything less than 10 yards though... totally different story.

    I've tried 9 iron down to lob, with all permutations (backspin, forward spin, dead centre, deliberate hook, deliberate slice... chip, flop and full) - even buying better balls. But regardless, it's either:

    (a) anything less than full power will get (at best) 1 foot closer ; or

    (b) at full power, sails over the pin - and frequently, off the green too.

    Nothing in between.

    I have seen other players - from beginner to tour pro - have the same issue, and nobody  knows why this happens. So I now follow the rule... Try not to go in the rough!

  • Chef6971
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    Mon, Apr 14 2014 4:05 PM



    I am posting this because I have yet to see any explanation on the forums that does nothing more than beat around the bush and give complex and confusing answers.

    - Pitch 64°w in rough with full backspin around the green. You can use these on the fairway too.

    40-50% add 30% power, Fairway 20% play your normal backspin

    30-40% add 20% power, Fairway 10% play your normal backspin

    20-30% add 10% power, Fairway 5% play your normal backspin

    0-20% add 5% power, Fairway  0% play your normal backspin

    Around the green the up and down will NOT make a significant enough difference to the above while in the rough unless it is above or below 7inches. However, take into consideration that green speed variation does play a substantial roll in how close you'll get to the pin. Also as usual take into consideration the break to the pin. I DO NOT adjust the power of my swing due to the green speed. I adhere to the %'s above and only make minor adjustments to the backspin.

    - In The Sand

    Add and additional 5 - 7% power to the above. You pick your clubs and use 1/2 - 3/4 backspin. If your to far away for a pitch then use your full shot with 1/2 - 3/4 backspin.

    -The Flop

    If your going to flop out of the sand then adjust your aim arrow 5ft. to the left of the pin for 15yds of distance then adjust appropriately for the break with  1/2 - 3/4 backspin. It's just that simple.

    - The Chip

    What the heck is a chip.. lol It's rarely needed. The pitch from the rough is what you'll want to use 99% of the time. The only time you may need to use the chip is........ Listen up everyone.... If the total distance to the pin is less than 40% of the power needed from your 64°w or highest lofted wedge Pitch Shot.

    - Please note that I use these explanations with the use of my 64° 60° and 56° Max wedges that have a spin ranking of 5 and the lvl 33 Callaway Hex Chrome balls that have a spin ranking of 3.5.

    I hope this is a little easier for everyone to understand than some of the complex explanations you may have seen.

    Hit well, hf and don't be late for dinner,

    Cheffie :-)