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Surveys that never give you credits

Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:09 AM (71 replies)
  • moonreaderman
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    Tue, Dec 27 2011 9:49 AM

    I tried to get 234 credits (odd number isn't it?) from "Valued Opinions". 

    In the past, I tried three different survey links from WGT offers to get credits. I never got any credits from any of them.

    WGT seems to have given me 6 once after I complained about the three not giving me the credits after I complained via an email directly to WGT.

    It seems that this Valued Opinions is another survey that is bogus.

    If you have gotten your credits from this Valued Opinions or if you have not, let us know here please.

    Maybe I can choke the credits out of them if someone can tell me the trick to doing it.

    I hate getting scammed even if it is virtual credits.

    Steven or moonreaderman

  • revelie2
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    Tue, Dec 27 2011 5:22 PM

    i agree with you on that site. been there 10 days in a row and haven't even gotten a survey.  wgt needs to dump them from there site. i've e-mailed wgt about it twice and i think there are on x-mas break or just don't give a ***.

    i've ask others and they say just lie about who you are and you'll have better luck. most agree if your a middle aged white male, with a home and a job it's slim pickens.

    i have got some credits from the other places but still few.  also did a survey for about 30 minute and at the end of answering about gaming platform and games it said i didn't qualify after all.  it was a complete survey. 

    WGT doesn't care


  • moonreaderman
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    Tue, Dec 27 2011 8:14 PM

    Thanks for your retort revelie2.

    I knew that I couldn't be the only one that fell for this bogus 234 credits offer.

    This makes WGT look like dummies for being taken in by these survey type ads. I also make us members think that WGT doesn't give a rat's behind about the members too.

    Also, I got 1750 credits from Experian Credit reports.( I got G10 irons & a G10 driver with these credits. So far so good on those clubs.) They said they would not charge me until the 9 day trial period ended. Well, I got charged $1.00 twice on my card the minute I filled out the form.

    I am going to end the service tomorrow. I will see if they charge my card again and I will get back on it on another thread. 

  • piztaker
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    Tue, Dec 27 2011 9:56 PM

    I think you may be confused. If you join the site then the credits won are not WGT credits but are totalled to go towards shopping vouchers and the like. Check it out.

  • revelie2
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    Tue, Dec 27 2011 10:19 PM

    no, i join the site and never get credit from WGT, as it states that you have to complete a survey, a survey i never get, so i get get no credits to WGT

  • revelie2
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    Wed, Dec 28 2011 1:11 AM

    and there is the rub, lets say 100 people do what you did.  that's 200.00 REAL dollars for them, unless you fight the charge. so 50% never see it on there accounts. they just made $100. easy money. and YOU have to fight the charge. maybe 50% don't. it's still free money for them.   if credit card company's would fine them for this, then maybe this would stop. but they won't becuz both make money off this, one *** buck at a time, times how many millions of players WGT claims to have?  and if  you don't cancel!

    that charge is on your card and you have to fight it again.

    oh, and  as far as experian credit goes, they WILL charge you and you will have to fight them even if you cancel.  i canced the next day and 90 days later there was a  full charge was on my card! and i had to fight it with my card company.  and that had nothing to do with WGT. it was with a different site all together.  cards company ALWAYS take there side and you have to prove they did something wrong.

    mean while the card company has there money and the service has your money in an account and getting interest for it, when you get your money back, they STILL made money off you. it's nickle and dime and they hope no one cares.

  • OmegaManKFH
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    Wed, Dec 28 2011 8:34 AM

    I watched the Christmas Lights show over a dozen times and never received the 21 credits for that. At the top of the page for the light show, it says WGT Credits. Sorry, but that makes me believe it has EVERYTHING to do with WGT. I emailed WGT about it and never heard back from them. Typical, from what I read. 

    If WGT is going to host this stuff on their site, they should be held accountable for it. They should at least pay up and chase the offending companies down for the refund, not us. Don't offer something, or support an offer, if you have no intention of paying up. 

    If you don't want to sponsor a way for free credits, then fine. Remove it all. It gets real old to spend 20-30 in a survey, that was CALLED a survey, not a "qualification", only to get screwed in the end. 



  • revelie2
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    Wed, Dec 28 2011 2:58 PM


    just spent 15 minutes doing a chilli survey at 'my view''  and then they said i didn't  quilifty after i answered all the questions.

    they got the info they wanted and no credits.  i did this at WGT site, not there site

  • revelie2
    24 Posts
    Wed, Dec 28 2011 3:16 PM

    another update,  tried to do a survey at amparia and got a 404-server error.

  • Lashe
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    Wed, Dec 28 2011 8:30 PM


    another update,  tried to do a survey at amparia and got a 404-server error.

    Me too today.  Think Ampario is just down temporarily.  *hopes*