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WGT Nico's thoughts on 2022

Sun, Jan 8 2023 10:53 AM (19 replies)
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  • IamNicklaus
    496 Posts
    Thu, Jan 5 2023 11:14 AM

    I definitely think I've struggled both on discord and the forums of not stepping in and breaking up arguments/debates when I should have. That's on me and I promise to improve and do better in preventing these issues from escalating

    If that is truly a new year resolution , then how about moderating fairly e.g  letting all views through ,even if they aren't in alignment with the populus( might aid healthy debate as opposed to a forum full of people agreeing with themselves )

      Consider moderating posts after, as opposed to pre and perhaps you will encourage more posters and create more fluid conversation.


  • ct690911
    7,205 Posts
    Thu, Jan 5 2023 1:28 PM

    .".might aid healthy debate as opposed to a forum full of people agreeing with themselves"

    Interesting point from Steve and debate should be encouraged when appropriate.

      I would simply caution the fine line between robust debate and flame baiting. I have seen plenty of both on here and it may prove tricky to navigate at times. 

     That said Nico, I think you are on the right track.:)


  • craigswan
    31,255 Posts
    Fri, Jan 6 2023 10:39 AM

    Debate should be encouraged when appropriate.. ct .

      I would simply caution the fine line between robust debate and flame baiting . ct .

    Yes but who decides .

  • donkey8798
    1,303 Posts
    Fri, Jan 6 2023 3:29 PM

    This might be the year that DONKEY BALLS will be available in the pro shop.......................................

    290 Posts
    Fri, Jan 6 2023 4:22 PM

    Many thanks Nico

  • IamNicklaus
    496 Posts
    Sat, Jan 7 2023 2:04 AM


    I would simply caution the fine line between robust debate and flame baiting . ct .

    Yes but who decides .

    This is exactly the point, it's subjective.  People have a tendency to misuse the term flame baiting and troll to refer to anyone who disagrees with their views.

    Like I said moderating pre as opposed to post only creates stinted non fluid  conversation , and uneven moderation creates a divide between those who can get away with saying what they want and those that can't .

    All that said , I don't expect anything to change .

  • coachzorm
    20 Posts
    Sun, Jan 8 2023 7:49 AM

    Nico, I would just like to say that the WGT Discord server is one of the main reasons that I am still playing this game. Discord may or may not be useful to some people but I will tell you that the WGT Golf Clubs are thriving with it.  It has been a bonding agent for a lot of clubs. In the past it was difficult to communicate with club members on issues within the club.  The WGT messaging system leaves a lot to be desired & typical e-mail was difficult to get everyone's email address to make it useful. NOW, we just get the team on a Discord server of our own making & post to various rooms where information is available 24/7.  We chat & view others in a game room. Discord had made the Clubs much stronger & the game more fun. 

    On a more personal note.........Your involvement has been truly what this game has needed for many years: A feeling that someone at WGT actually cares about the game. Up until your Discord server, I believe we all felt that WGT was just another money-sucking scheme that took advantage of people's desire to play a game.  

    Yes, things could be better, but at least there is a way to voice our opinion to someone who will do their best to improve the game, if necessary.  Not every idea, no matter how good a person may think, is a good idea when incorporated into a gameplay situation.  

    Yes, we would like transparency of play between Mobile Devices & PC in all areas.

    Yes, We would like to use a choice of balls from our bag when we unexpectedly use our last course ball & forgot to buy our preferred brand in time.

    Yes, we would like to see new courses.

    etc., etc., etc.

    But the most important part is knowing that Nico is listening and trying to make things happen for us with WGT. You have become our eyes & ears to this wonderful game.

    It is not said enough, so I will say it for all of us "little guys" who play this game.....

    THANK YOU.  

  • spankie1
    1,679 Posts
    Sun, Jan 8 2023 3:07 PM

    Yes, Donkey balls would be a nice addition to the pro shop....just not the smelly ones......

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