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Mon, Nov 28 2022 7:12 AM (0 replies)
  • BogeyOne
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    Mon, Nov 28 2022 7:12 AM

    Searching for a country club without drama, cliques, or attitude? Want to play when and how you want to play without any pressure to jump through country club hoops? Then A Comfortable Club was made for you. With 102 Masters or higher (68 of which are Legends or above) and lots of members beyond level 100, you are sure to find plenty of advice and help if you want it. There are always lots of club tournaments including WIN FREE MONEY tourneys, custom tourneys, bracket tourneys, and tier specific tournaments.

    We are a relaxed level 19 country club. Some of our members joined because they wanted a change from their old club while others had previously only thought of being in a country club. We offer an active Discord channel full of videos and pictures submitted by members (with mugshots of many) and a general chat room filled with truths, lies, and observations on important and not so important matters, plus other channels covering all aspects of the game from clash play coordination, to tips, suggestions, and more. Although we are quite active in turf wars and clashes, participation in them is not required.

    This club is seeking Masters to Tour Champions. Join and be happy!




    Take a closer look at the club here: