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INTENSITY is our game

Thu, Jan 26 2023 2:03 PM (22 replies)
  • 7PADDY77
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    Fri, Oct 7 2022 2:06 PM


    INTENSITY is the fastest growing , most successful new club on WGT: 16 weeks old, Level 10 , with 69 active members. We aim to keep that early momentum going.


     If you are a seasoned and sociable player, you’ll enjoy it here.

    You can expect all the usual features of bigger clubs:- communication on Discord, club tournaments with prizes, personalised avatars, passes to support Clash and Turf War play, trophies to recognise achievements and, of course, shot pal and putter pal.


    We have enjoyed considerable early success with 5 clash top 50s (best of 24th) and a 41-1 record in Turf Wars. 

    We have proved we can be competitive; now the focus is on improving the member experience with Teams comps and Leagues.


    There are no rules because experienced players don’t need them. We value high XP contribution as much as Clash/TW scoring. Just do your own thing.


     If you want to be part of an exciting new challenge, contact me (7PADDY77)  or Discord 7PADDY77#5276

    (Updated 22 January: the blog below documents our progress so far)



  • 7PADDY77
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    Mon, Oct 10 2022 3:11 AM

    DAY 8

    Everyone is playing daily so pushing to level 5 in 2 days

    Novel experience being a minnow again, even if we are a muscular minnow

    Busy winning our 4th Turf War in 5 days. Our Bellagio player is feeling lonely though. Any Turf Monsters out there?


  • 7PADDY77
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    Wed, Oct 12 2022 6:48 AM

    DAY 10

    Level 5 achieved and our 5th TW win to boost SPs on our clash debut tomorrow

    16 very active members now, looking for more friends


  • 7PADDY77
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    Sat, Oct 15 2022 5:04 PM

    DAY 14

    Discord was buzzing through the 2 days of our debut clash.

    Great debut result. We are easy to find on the #187 leaderboard....the highest ranked single digit club at 46th.

    We have full time zone coverage in clash but would love to see a couple more Europeans.

    Meanwhile, my descendent who lives in the basement is knocking out medals for our top Achievers.

  • 7PADDY77
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    Sun, Oct 16 2022 11:01 PM


    DAY 15

    Yes, we’re only 15 days old, but definitely going places:

    Level 6 today thanks to a small group of very high XP generators

    Excellent clash debut in #187 (46th): Clash is not everyone’s cup of tea, but our top clashers had a ball.

    Six Turf Wars, six wins: OK, no serious opposition yet, but that’s TWs. Not a format for everyone, but we thank our turfers for the extra clash passes.

    So, if you’re experienced, competitive and sociable and want a new challenge, this is it.

    John in Aus


  • jimrholland
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    Tue, Oct 18 2022 5:49 AM

    The members here at Intensity vary at the tier levels, giving very generously knowledge of this game to the less experienced players. Rare to see members so willing to share so called, "secrets of the game" to benefit the club members. Members seem to have a feeling of worth and appreciated for any contributions to the club they may bring! If you're interested type in on discord and check us out there as well.


  • 7PADDY77
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    Sat, Oct 22 2022 4:45 PM



    For now, we depend on a group of senior players working as a ”Leaders Group” on Discord.

    Our early priorities are simple: 1. Recruit more top players; 2. Move rapidly up the club levels; 3. Make a splash in Clash and TWs

    Day 21 Progress is positive: We will reach level 7 on our 25th day; 11 consecutive TW wins; Clash debut at 46th; 20 enthusiastic members

    The HOW we are doing this is even more important:

    ·       New members are the lifeblood of a club; often surprisingly productive and bring new energy/ideas.

    ·       Retaining good people depends on the “Member Experience”. We work hard on that through innovation, incentives and great communication.

    ·       People are full of good ideas. Everyone can contribute…and we listen.

    ·       Social interaction matters: Discord has been lively with over half of members already participating.

    Come join the fun



  • jimrholland
    6 Posts
    Sun, Oct 23 2022 6:23 PM

    So, if you're looking for structure, stability and fun in a club that will help guide you to the next level of your game, don't hesitate in making the right decision to join us at Intensity, a club you will be proud to be a part of. Leave a message and we will send you an invite to one of the most exciting up and coming clubs today!


  • 7PADDY77
    268 Posts
    Wed, Oct 26 2022 8:50 PM


    DAY 25

    We reached Level 7 yesterday which must be near record pace. Now we are looking forward to our second Clash and maintaining our perfect (12-0) record in TWs.

    It has been over 3 weeks of great enthusiasm. Everyone is “doing their own thing”, having fun, whilst moving the club forward.

    We have now welcomed 26 members and the future is bright.


  • 7PADDY77
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    Sun, Oct 30 2022 4:14 AM

    DAY 29

    Another top 50 in our second Clash, just to prove the first one wasn't a fluke. Enthusiasm levels remain high

    29 Members from 9 countries:  UK, Ireland, Nederlands, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, USA.

    Unusually for WGT, only a quarter are from the USA

    Wherever you are from, come join the fun