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Mon, Jul 4 2022 3:08 AM (0 replies)
  • sueomeara
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    Mon, Jul 4 2022 3:08 AM

    Hi Out there,

    Do you own a small club but having trouble getting new members. How would you like to come and join my club. We are a small friendly club by choice, we are a P.C. based club but I do have a couple of mobile players, not many as they can't interact with the other players.

    We have a great social side in T.W.P. we talk on skype when we play so it's a great way to make new friends. That's not to say we are not competitive because we are. I run weekly monthly and yearly tournaments. We play all types of games not just stroke play but alt, skins, match, partners plus a few made up others.

    I have a handicap system so everybody has a fair chance of winning a tournament. If you do a Cup or Trophy is put on your wall as well as in the club forum. I don't worry about clashes or any big club things, we just like doing our own thing without any pressure. I don't expect my members to have to contribute anything other than their time and conversation.

    I have owned T.W.P. since 2013 so we are a very established club, if we are the type of club you would like to join with then just let me know.