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Quitting bug still exists in Showdowns

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Mon, May 23 2022 2:35 PM (13 replies)
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    Sun, May 22 2022 7:31 PM



    "CANCEL and RETRY buttons"

    just an FYI

    I have had success with not hitting either, and just waiting for it to time out.

    Seen that posted elsewhere here somewhere, and it worked for me.

    A very nice & useful tip indeed! With all due respect, though, 'til when users have to find workarounds? This is a matter that WGT should fundamentally address and solve the problem for good. A quick (also complacent & lazy) way of doing it would be, for instance, removing those CANCEL & RETRY buttons or at least grey them out.

    agree 100%

    and sadly this is not the only thing we have to use a work around for ;-(

  • SamSpayed
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    Sun, May 22 2022 9:42 PM

    The bug hasn't been fixed satisfactorily, so my recommendation still stands - allow single player play in Showdowns.

    To take that suggestion one step further:  Why not just make Showdowns a single-play 18-hole tournament?

    That way, you would not have to worry about your coin-room opponent quitting, or losing their connection and leaving you hanging.  And if you happened to lose your connection, you could just come back in and start playing again where you left off, with your score to that point intact.

    I guess I just don't get why Showdowns have to be held in coin rooms.  Especially with so many problems with them that WGT just doesn't have the talent or the inclination to fix.

  • MioKontic
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    Mon, May 23 2022 2:35 PM


    This is exactly what myself and many others have been advocating for. On top of solving the opponent forfeit glitches, another benefit would be that all players get the same pin locations and green speeds. Obviously wind direction is always going to be random but at least we would all be on the same speed. It is insane how many variables there are with the current setup. The showdowns need a more balanced approach because the fact that one player could get a course with heavy winds and tournament 12 green speed and another player could get the same holes but on low wind and a much tamer green speed is crazy.

    Add to that that players don't play holes in the same order the way it currently is, making it unfair when it comes to countback because someone might finish with 2 par 5's in the last 3 holes, while another player might get 2 par 3's; the player getting the par 5's will stand a far better chance of getting birdies.

    I do like that it is 3 holes from different courses in showdowns, which I am sure WGT could arrange outside of coin rooms, but everyone needs to play them in the same order.

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