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18 holes option against Friends

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Sun, May 29 2022 5:07 PM (2 replies)
  • Deztroyer
    12 Posts
    Sun, May 8 2022 8:29 PM

    R/E Mobile

    I want an 18 hole option when playing against a friend, not just 3 or 9 holes. Why this hasn’t been added I just don’t understand. 

    Add the option to choose what course to play when playing a friend. 

    Add closest to the pin sudden death when playing against a friend.  

    Add a simple way to block a player after the round or after a forfeit. Hit one button and they are blocked. 

  • Deztroyer
    12 Posts
    Sun, May 29 2022 5:07 PM

    There is no such option as “Create a Game”. To play a friend, the only option is Game Modes, then Play a Friend, then pick my friend to play and it randomly picks a course.

    The Sudden Death, closest to the pin is only in games where I choose “Head to Head” and randomly pairs me up against another player. If I tie against a friend, the round just ends as a tie. 

    Agree with it’s prob a waste bothering to block players but since it is an option to do that, I just figured it should be easier.