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Improvements Needed (Episode 1) - WGT

Tue, Mar 29 2022 3:40 PM (4 replies)
  • Lilpapei
    66 Posts
    Thu, Mar 10 2022 5:38 PM

    Visually highlight the distance markers in the fairways better, you could always add stakes too at those points on the perimeter.

    Communication is almost non-existent outside of your foursome, but you can't even say foursome!  Every game I've played usually has a chat room for meeting up with others, all inclusive.  How about club houses that are actually that for members similar to guild halls in other games?  And besides the general chat room, individual club chat rooms attainable by whatever means completes it.  Once again, it all out there now in other games!!!

    Your greens are very edgy, too edgy not to be able to curse!

    Serious coding work need on the greens, once you get above 7.0 GS





  • bwsq
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    Fri, Mar 11 2022 10:56 AM

    Anxiously awaiting episode 2

  • Lilpapei
    66 Posts
    Mon, Mar 14 2022 11:15 PM

    Yeah, you should be!  These shot clocks are becoming unbearable in the course of a game!  How often do see a pro getting kicked out and stroked because of a time violation.  Very little!

    And then when they do blow the whistle, I'm usually in my back swing so everybody has reset everything up, BS!

  • alosso
    20,696 Posts
    Tue, Mar 15 2022 10:19 AM

    Concerning communication, WGT has long said that they won't pick up the bait.

    Today, many CCs and other groups use third party technologies, from text chats to discord.

  • Lilpapei
    66 Posts
    Tue, Mar 29 2022 3:40 PM

    Yes, but that's just another password, another site to get hacked in when it doesn't need to be like that!