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Tue, Mar 8 2022 12:27 PM (11 replies)
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  • drucco99
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    Tue, Mar 8 2022 12:27 PM

    I'm not here to knock discord. I have both discord and telegram and they are both great apps. I do use both but I prefer telegram. A lot of the pc players are on both apps just to have another option for finding matches. This was just supposed to be an open invite to anyone who wants another option for finding pc matches, not a debate on which app is better. 



    I don't like the way discord is laid out with all of the channels. Too much of a cluster f**K for me. I don't like how they limit you when uploading gifs or videos too. Not sure if they still do but there was a limit on file size last time I tried it. 

    I am not going to try to convince you to like Discord . But there is no other site with as easy access , variety of customizable functions , variety of functions in general .

    Most sites have size limits on media uploads . Some auto reduce it for you . Many times an unedited upload could take up a whole page . That is why there are size limits .

    There are several WGT Discord apps . If you haven't tried one of them ? They seem to be well set up and popular .


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