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Play Your Own Way - Friendly golf cc

Sun, May 8 2022 9:17 AM (5 replies)
  • Cleworthy
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    Fri, Jan 28 2022 8:36 AM

    “Play your own way” means that our members are free to pursue this fine game any way they see fit.

    • No requirement for club events, Clashes, Turf Wars or daily play
    • No rules to follow, no badgering, no shaming, no demands
    • No requirement to buy club passes
    • No social media requirements

    You will be welcomed regardless of your tier, how you play or where you are from

    • Mobile, PC/Steam, Mac
    • Coin Room, Alt Shot, Match Play, Multiplayer Stroke, Tournaments
    • All Nationalities
    • Hacks to Tour Champs

    If you join you will find:

    • Free weekly tournaments for all levels of play - from easy to expert
    • Regular special event tourneys including a team event
    • A responsive forum and a willingness to help
    • Friendly members and zero pressure

     No invitation needed. Find Friendly golf cc and join now.

    WGT - Friendly golf cc Country Club

         (Jim) Cleworthy, owner

  • Cleworthy
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    Sun, Feb 20 2022 10:27 AM


  • Cleworthy
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    Wed, Mar 16 2022 8:49 PM


  • Cleworthy
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    Sat, Apr 2 2022 12:30 PM


  • numquam
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    Mon, May 2 2022 5:18 AM

    Hi Jim,

    sounds great. Am I welcomed?

    I am an Austrian - I can't change the flag.

    I am in a CC, which is one of 1000+ dead ones.

    I play everyday (twice), but only Coin rooms. I am also not a great Chat Sessioner. I am very quiet and peaceful.

    I have one club pass.

    It would be great if I can join. 

  • Cleworthy
    2,890 Posts
    Sun, May 8 2022 9:17 AM