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Not just another survey post.....WGT should read this

Sat, Jan 29 2022 8:48 AM (4 replies)
  • Cel7
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    Thu, Jan 27 2022 4:33 AM

    Hi There,


    I know there have been many posts on Peanut Labs etc, and yes, this is another one, but this is one where the process has been followed through and we have an actual response from Peanut.

    Long story short, i did a survey, was for 600 and something credits so was not just a quick one.  I got to a page which said "thank you for completing our survey".....i screenshotted it as it didnt go any further and never did give me my credits.  I wrote to Peanut Labs, and sent them the screenshot......seems to be an open and shut case.....there is no doubt that i did the survey, it also shows on wgt when i opened it up, and i have a screenshot saying i completed it.  My account shows no deposit of the 689 credits.  Here is the Peanut labs response....


    "Whenever you notify us about an issue with a survey or offer, we make every effort to mediate with the offer provider or research client on your behalf. Sometimes they are unable to verify your eligibility for the reward, which is why you are not receiving credit to your account for Transaction ID 2161147010. In some instances we are able to make exceptions, but we cannot always reach this resolution for every request submitted. We work hard at identifying broken offers and surveys, so we appreciate your write in and bringing them to the attention of our partners."


    Unable to verify my eligibility???  What more can i do?  I showed when i opened it, and i showed the "thank you for completing our survey".  How are they unable to verify??  And if not, surely this case calls for the exception that they make "in some instances".  


    This is total abuse by Peanut labs and wgt by enabling it, is part of it as well. 


    My 2 cents....


  • golferguy2018
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    Thu, Jan 27 2022 6:19 AM

    i agree with you that WGT does not care. They can  step in to stop this.but won't. Reason . If they try to do the right thing Peanut lab will just leave. Money talks.My take on it.

  • pierolitfiba
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    Fri, Jan 28 2022 3:50 PM

    It's not fair at all especially when they keep you going for 10 minutes and then tell you you're not eligible.

    And I disagree when someone says that WGT is not responsible because they are on his site so he is responsible.

    For example, AMAZON is responsible for all the dealers who are on his site. WGT has an obligation to intervene or eliminate these surveys.

    The fact remains that none of us are forced to take these surveys, but WGT does not make a good impression.

    This is my humble opinion.


  • Yrydys
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    Sat, Jan 29 2022 6:14 AM

    Surveys are not ok in general on internet, Laws are kind of weird regarding privacy, and security is a mess. WGT needs help with security: in-game and in-marketing.

    They have superior programmers; but they have no security advisers in my opinion for hardcore gamer behavior and hardcore marketing behavior. 

    WGT should have the same system as TopGolf system (no pay to win) and have more security, because e-Sport is not just "stupid gaming". We, virtual players, are here for the game/skill show off, we are not here for your stupi* surveys. Listen to players, WGT/TopGolf, not to your idi*t survey providers. 


    My 3 cents...

  • Cel7
    104 Posts
    Sat, Jan 29 2022 8:48 AM

    And then they send me a survey (WGT) to ask me how i rate their support.  Here is what i think is balanced feedback.  They did answer reasonably promptly, and they did send me to the source but when i got to the source, the source basically said, "tough luck, you may be right but we are going to screw you out of your points anyways even though you lived up to your end of the deal, we are not going to live up to ours".  How does that affect my take on WGT support?  It sure does......WGT support sits back and allows me to get screwed by a 3rd party while i am playing and supporting their game.  So WGT, how do i rate your support....pitiful, because when i asked for your support, you avail yourselves of any responsiblity.  Im not a troublemaker but whats right is right......they said, do this and you will get 698 credits.....I did that, can prove it, and they still say tough luck......thanks WGT, thanks Peanut.....