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Thu, Aug 18 2022 4:10 PM (1,521 replies)
  • bluey403
    1,507 Posts
    Tue, Jul 5 2022 8:23 PM

    Plate QF

    Looneys v Cobra Kai Johnnys

    bluey403 v ksgolfer54

    Very close game throughout. Nothing in tee to green. I just had a bit more luck on the short grass, 2&1 win for the LOONEYS

    thanks 4 the game Vic.

  • thunderbird
    377 Posts
    Tue, Jul 5 2022 9:23 PM

    Cup QF

    Cobra Kai Skeletons vs TFC

    thunderbird wins vs buckwheat1947.

    Very competitive match and a ton of fun.  Really enjoyed playing with Willie he was great competitor.


    Fiver 50 wins vs coelho4187.  Coelho4187 got off to a blazing start 3 up after 9.  But Johnny closed it out with a tap in eagle on 17.




  • JSmithers
    1,255 Posts
    Wed, Jul 6 2022 5:44 AM

    CUP QF

    Cobra Kai Skeletons VS. TFC Fowl Assassins

    JSmithers VS Joseph6153

    Joe jumped out to a 1up lead with a great putt on 1.  Match stayed that way until hole 6 where I was able to square it up.  Went to the back 9 2up and the match stayed that way until the end.  Great match with Joe and best of luck going forward!


  • WhirlawayNow
    22 Posts
    Wed, Jul 6 2022 8:09 AM

    CUP QF

    The Penalty Box 1 VS. TCC Bandits

    WhirlawayNow (Player 109) VS morgan1464 (Player 7)

    WhirlawayNow wins.  Very close match until Morgan's swing meter lagged on his approach shot into 15 leaving him with a 66 foot putt.


  • morgan1464
    141 Posts
    Wed, Jul 6 2022 8:17 AM

    Well Played Matt. You made some incredible shots and putts. Enjoyed the game.


  • sam19193
    14 Posts
    Wed, Jul 6 2022 10:10 AM

    6 July 2022

    Plate Playoff Quarter Finals Match 2

    sam19193 (The Penalty Box 2) wins 7 Up vs liero78 (TCC Pirates)

  • bader76
    686 Posts
    Wed, Jul 6 2022 2:47 PM

    Cup playoff: Q - Finals 

    Match 3, Tie 2

    Bader76 won 2up on the 18th Vs jessh138

    Was a great game with a great player in Jessh138, Keep up the good work on the pc version 


  • Phippo20040
    94 Posts
    Thu, Jul 7 2022 1:56 PM

    plate Q/F

    MATCH 1

    GAME 2

    phippo20040 defeats drillboss

    very nice to meet Larry and a good battle was had

  • blewbyou
    97 Posts
    Thu, Jul 7 2022 2:17 PM

    Cup QF


    Match 2 Tie 1. Blewbyou vs Starrider2

    Great match as we traded blows on the front.  He ended the front up 1 after shooting a 27,  Back nine he couldn't get a break and I kept going.  Blew wins 4 up.  Great fun

  • frenchconnect
    820 Posts
    Thu, Jul 7 2022 5:43 PM

    Cup Quarter Finals 

    Match 1 Tie 6

    (2) frenchconnect wins 2 up vs (118) R4YS

    Na'iim and I had our game the other night. It was very close the whole way. I just barely escaped with a win. Thanks for the match and best of luck going forward.