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Kasias Korner CC

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Sat, Mar 12 2022 1:11 AM (5 replies)
  • kasia1967
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    Thu, Jan 13 2022 5:52 AM

    Hi Everyone im Kasia owner of a small but growing club opened september 2021 

    as of now we have 29 members who play regular together daily ...We use the app Discord  this is a free download server were we have our own club chatroom and various other channels  Text & chat..using this allows us to communicate far easier in setting games...

    What kasia korner is offering is a Monthly Medal played on a different course each month then the winners will go into a deciding champions final come end of year.

    Also we have on going match play leagues so far 3 divisions this allows members from different time zones to get there games in easier .but once all games are finished 2 move up and 2 move down..

    we also try various fun games such as Head to Head  madness this is a stroke play played over 45 seconds  random courses were you invite your opponent from friends list.

    we have just finished a Alt shot league but will return as it was a great success !!

    Now we are looking forward to February bringing  in a 3 ball team event played over a 8-10 week duration  were the team with the highest combination will be declared winners every week ..February  kasias korner entering in the team event  world cup were im sure there will be many fun games and meeting new wgt players.

    so finally if these kind of games suit you please contact..

    kasia1967     kas

    Allqvie      Freddie

    Wretchedputter     Ian

    Nativa-1      ivan

     Best Regards    kasia known as MA"AM BY FELLOW MEMBERS


  • Beermoose60
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    Mon, Jan 17 2022 9:22 AM

    As on original member of the club, I can tell you that the club is friendly, fun and made up of great people. Kasia and her assistants work extremely hard to create fun, competitive games, brackets and tournaments for the members, and entire experienced is enhanced by the use of Discord for communication amongst the members. Discord provides a place for members to chat, start games, and schedule matches. Give Kasia's Korner a try. It is all Country Club in WGT should be.

  • kasia1967
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    Wed, Jan 26 2022 8:38 AM

    coe give KASIAS KORNER  a try fun club active AND MANY FUN TOURNAMENTS TO GET INVOLVED IN...

  • kasia1967
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    Wed, Feb 16 2022 4:53 AM


  • kasia1967
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    Mon, Mar 7 2022 6:06 AM

    Hi   march brings the world cup and we as a small club are entering for the 1st time we dont expect to win but taking part meeting new players having fun and hopefully causing a few shocks along the way lol....

    kasias korner offers many games  ie  match play leagues   3 ball team combination    monthly medal  alts  and fun games between members  we try to keep members active with team events as they enjoy rather than playing alone ! clash is optional although the last one we came 6oth  not bad for a small club at level 9 .  we use Discord  and have our own cclub server chatroom which works perfect in setting organising games !

    if your interested in trying out kasias korner contact myself  or my fellow directors 

    allqvie (Freddie)#0055



    thank you !   kas owner 

  • Nativa1
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    Sat, Mar 12 2022 1:11 AM

    Kasia Korner

    I have only been with them for a few months, Very active club, and enjoy the members friendship. and communicate via DISCORD platform

    thanks NATIVA1(Ivan)